Day Trips in Nyc area

Nyc Area Day Trips

Visit the historic sights and famous universities of the Boston region on this all-day trip from New York City. There is also a zoo, fishing spots, a swimming pool and picnic areas. Their experience includes a convenient hop-on, check out our tips for the best day and weekend trips, short road trips, and mini vacations in the New York City area. Here you will find cheap tickets for a day trip from NYC to Boston. Walk a little through the southwestern area.

Things to do on a day/weekend trip in the New York City area?

Rivertowns - just a 30-40 minutes drive from Grand Central, on the Metro NYC line. Perhaps you'd like to go to Sunnyside, the home of Washington Irving in Irvington. Alternatively, you could go to Phllipsburg Manor, the renovated Philips farmhouse of the Anglo-Dutch Philips in Sleepy Hollow. Opposite the manor house you can see the Union Church and the Henri Matisse window.

Further up the stream you can take the 11/2 hours to Beacon. The Beacon houses Dia, an excellent collection of modern artworks - with works by Serra, Wharhol, Bourgeois, Beuys and more - and many more.

Up to 5 cool day trips from New York City

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It' always a favourite target, but after the successful TV show (I know you saw it!) it is more favourite than ever. 2 ) Hoboken: 10 minutes from NYC, Hoboken is on the Hudson Rivers. It is quite small and within walking distance, it has great kayak and canoeing. Head downtown and you will see many travel agencies that offer you a journey to see the Hudson in all its splendour at first hand.

3) Long Island: Reachable by boat, rail or road - Long Island is only a stone's throw away from the center of town (one hour'ish'). Sunshine, sandy shores and vineyards are the order of the day when you get to Long Island, so if you can get these two things into your mornings and afternoons, you're sure to have a great time.

Visit Montauk, Fire Island or the South Shore in Nassau County if you want to taste the genuine Long Island ice cream team. Visit the Franklin Institute and the Museum of Art to experience one of the best film assemblages of all times. 5) Atlantic City:

East Coast Vegas AND only 2 hrs from NYC, although a day out is quite feasible, better to spend the evening and see the Atlantic Capital really splash! Awesome shows, awesome sights, aquaria and great beachs- ok, now it's really AC turn up.

Okay blokes, so NYC can try to keep you within the citys boundaries, but free and research the environment, you don't pity it. So, when you're good to go.......

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