Day Trips in Missouri

Missouri Day Trips

These are the best day trips from St. Louis: Springfield, Illinois. Scuba diving at the Bonne Terre Mine. Only an hour outside of Kansas City, that's a good day trip. Test out these great day trips in Missouri.

I' ve explored a lot of Missouri, especially the west side of it.

Guidebook to quirky day trips in Kansas and Missouri

There are some interesting and even weird things to see and do in Missouri and Kansas from the Haarmuseum across the Bridges to Nowhere and Big Brutus. Leila's Hairdryer Muzeum - Independence, Mon. The Glore Psychiatric Muzeum, one of the "1000 places you can see before you die" - St. Joseph, Mo.

Barbed Wire Museum - La Crosse, Kan. World' s biggest ball - Cawker City, Kan. Marceline, Mo. Walt Disney's Hometown Museum Kansas City, Mon. - Walt Disney's Laugh-O-Gram Studio Laclede Locust Creek Covered Bridge - Mo. The Quindaro Ruins, part of the metro - Kansas City, Kan.

Fifteen day trips you should take this year in Missouri.

Begin your summers by exploring some of the best travel sites in Missouri. If you like to spend your free day in the open air, get to know the wealthy Missouri story or sit down for a good dinner, this menu contains everything. Make memorable experiences by taking a day out to one or all of these 15 Missouri locations.

Did you check one of the locations on our checklist? Which other places in Missouri are definitely interesting?

Top 15 Day Trips from St. Louis

St. Louis was established in 1764 as a seaport on the busy Mississippi shore. Its name comes from Louis IX of France, where the first settingtlers in Europe were leather merchants. St. Louis' story, both of the early Europeans and of the locals who came before, is very profound and makes it a captivating place for a journey.

These are the best day trips from St. Louis: Illinois, the state' s capitol, is easy to reach within a day from St. Louis and is a good choice for a wallpaper shift if you still want to live in the cityscape. Best of all, the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum and Library offers many interesting exhibits and the opportunity to learn about the story of that time.

There' s more to this story than Lincoln: The name Hannibal is on many of St. Louis's listings because of his primary claims to fame: it was the home of writer Mark Twain. The riverfront city inspired classic Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer - so it's a great day out.

Why not take a ride on the Mississippi and experience the adventure of Huck for yourself? The Meramec Caves are one of the most fascinating nature treasures around St. Louis, more than worthy of a place on the itinerary. After all, Missouri is known as a cavern state - and these caves are by far among the best there are.

Situated along the Missouri River, it is a nice place to enjoy the surrounding area with a tasty glas of fine wines or perhaps take a trip through one of the vineyards. Situated more than 200 kilometers across the state, this wonderful cycle and hiking trail more or less follows the Missouri River trail.

The cycle path is a good choice if you want to immerse yourself in the countryside and leave your vehicle behind for a while. It is a relatively simple drive due to the relatively shallow countryside, and if you get a little bit fatigued, there are many opportunities for a snack along the way, as well as places to go shopping for your adventurous souvenir.

You can start the hike from various points, but Defiance and Augusta are the most likely routes from St. Louis. A fascinating pristine spectacle around St. Louis is Johnson's Shut-Ins. It is a long time ago formed by vulcanic activities, and the stream has built swimming pool, rapid and waterfall for entertaining explorations.

Numerous places for picnics make the excursion a great day for the whole families, and there is an outstanding visitor center to make your journey easy. The Great River Roads, often on the list of the best excursions in the area, is certainly one of the best ways to enjoy the day out of St. Louis.

On the west coast of Illinois, the Mississippi River offers some nice vistas over the city. You can also stop at some great places along the way, such as the city of Alton for some great, inexpensive meals or Pere Marquette Statepark for a stroll and maybe watch some bird watching.

We have three different places for picnics in the garden, as well as a nice outside class room for the children, with lots of games and gear to entertain them. Home to the University of Missouri's University of Columbia headquarters building, this is a truly enjoyable day out. The city also has some good museum sites, two of which are the George Caleb Bingham Fine Arts Museum, which houses temporary exhibits, and the Museum of Arts and Archaeology, which spans a wider area.

This may not be the most culturally diverse tourist attraction outside of St. Louis, but sometimes all you need on your journey is a guilt-free day on the funicular. Looney Tunes has a lot of fun and refreshments beyond the fun ride in the area. The employees are designed as Looney Tunes-types.

This is the biggest fresh water diving site in the USA, situated just South of St. Louis on Highway 67. Another possibility is a cruise by sea. Genevieve, a beautiful francophone city, was actually the first place of residence for Europeans in Missouri. The city' s architectural style, which makes a stroll through the city more than enjoyable, reflects its popularity.

Genevieve felt like you'd traveled back in again, not just an hours drive to St. Louis. St. Charles' historical charms, about half an hours from St. Louis, are second to none. Capitol has been renovated and furnished with the furniture of that era, making it a great place for an engaging historical experience.

The Ozark Scenic Riverways are definitely waiting for you when you have made the most of your time. It was the first area in the reserve to conserve a system of streams and it is easily recognised why it was declared a reserve in 1964. The Jacks Fork and Current Creeks are two particularly popular watercourses that were the reasons for the establishment of the NP, but there are also many other bathing, hiking and historical places in the area.

Is there a better place for a day out from St. Louis than the city known as the gate to Winelands? Situated on the southern banks of the Missouri River, Washington has more vineyards than you might manage, great dining, shops and even a historic city.

When you arrive in August, the possibilities are even better: the yearly Washington Town and Country Fair is a sensational occasion for the whole group.

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