Day Trips Hudson Valley area

Hudson Valley Area Day Trips

Fast links to fun attractions in the Hudson Valley and New York hinterland, including activities and day trips in the Catskills. Our New York expert Douglas Rogers suggests what to see and do in historic Hudson Valley. Plan your GETAWAY to Hudson Valley. Join a Hudson Valley bus tour and enjoy the splendor this area of New York has to offer! The Hudson Valley, NY, offers a wide variety of activities from wide rivers and majestic valleys to breathtaking villas and unique shopping opportunities.

Manhattan Day Tour Tips

NYBear Bear is located in the Catskills Mountains and is only 45 min from the city. Walk or car ride to the top of the hill for breathtaking view of the Hudson River Valley. There' a lot of room to walk and enjoy frisbees.

There is also a place for picnics and a fun park that the children will like.

Fifty Stunning Activities in Hudson Valley

Oh, we like the Hudson Valley! Because we want the whole wide globe to know how great our lovely New York area is, we've put together a great 50 things to do in the Hudson Valley: 1.

Visit the New Windsor Cantonment State Historic Site, which also hosts the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor. When you visit Hudson Valley in autumn, visit the New York Renaissance Fair in Tuxedo Park.

Up to 6 day trips on the Hudson River Line

Yonkers is the ideal speaker stop if you really don't want to go too far. It' about as far from Yankee Stadium as Union Square, so you won't find yourself in isolation, but it's great for the atmosphere of a smaller city when a stroll through Carroll Gardens just isn't enough.

The Tibbetts Brook Park is a first-class centre for nautical sports, but also has some nice, peaceful riverside walks and ponds. Situated directly on the banks of the Yonkers National Park, Yonkers is a great city for hiking. It was the red-hot getaway without really, you know, getting away. Like all the places on this map, Dobbs Ferry is RIGHT on the Hudson Riviera, so if you want to stay at sundown, you have a great outlooks.

Situated next to Sleepy Hollow at Metro North's station, both have a chilly story that goes hand in hand with the cities' lovely, soothingura. This area is home to Kykuit, or, as you may know better, John D. Rockefeller's farm. It is open to the general population, and in addition to its stylish interiors, the site is also definitely a worthwhile walk.

For you as a thrill-seeker it is almost DEFINITIVELY spooky. They will not so much felt insulated, but taken back to another age. Antiques shops, gazebo with a view of the riverbank, farms, anything you want. For the adventurer there are footpaths from the outskirts, or if you prefer to chill out a little more, go to Doug's Pretty Good Pub.

In addition to the name, it's an immersive brew and burgers event that crowded NYC pubs simply can't offer. It is a wonderful city that boasts historical buildings and walking areas, and it is a brief excursion from all the other cities in the hinterland that are just out for discover. Montreal Albany - New York is one of the top 10 most attractive rail journeys in the USA, and there is no better place for a week-end excursion than the small, tranquil but intriguing Port Henry.

In a small city there is everything you could wish for: walking paths, shops and, yes, a schnapps shop. In a clear day you can go down to the waters and even see Vermont.

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