Day Trips from Waikiki

Excursions from Waikiki

They can spend a whole day on this side of the island. The tour visits two of Oahu's top sites on an exciting day. Enjoy another day in paradise on this one-day flight to Hawaii's Big Island. Sunset Dinner Cruise and Show Tour from Oahu. Spend a day trying, seeing and feeling everything!

Maui - Hana day trip to Maui

From Oahu, Maui day trips include a full day excursion through the Hana rainforest, cascades, sandy shores and the city of Hana. Included in the route Roundtrip transport to/from Waikiki Hotel, return flight to Maui and accompanied sightseeing tours to Hana-Maui. You have to pay for this route when making your booking. As this route involves a flight between the islands, all bookings for this route are definitive once the booking has been made.

Included in this trip is the fare and the indicated fare is the advance sale fare on most days.

Booking last-minute and holidays can be more costly. In case there is an award for the fare at your appointment, we will get in touch with you before your payment is made by your cred.

Up to 5 day trips from Waikiki (with Oahu's Bus System!)

As we were planning our 15-day journey to Oahu, Maui and the Big Islands, we knew we didn't want our schedule of different things to be restricted by the transport.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of using the coach, such as the costs of park in our hotels, the costs of travel (2.50 per trip), not with the transport, the frequencies of stop overs and the transport times. As we were going to drive far away from our Waikiki hotels, we were concerned that we would spend all our times driving Oahu's buses.

But with a little strategical plan, we ended up with five exciting and unusual events that maximised our itinerary.

Grabbing freshly-fruity shaving rice from a pit in the face named Monserrat, we stopped at our cocktail bar and drove back to Kuhio Beach Park, where there is a flare and tiki show three days a weeks at 6:30 pm. In Pearl Harbor we have the free (Thanks, NPS!) Arizona Memorial on the USS Memorial Tour and chose the additional $7.50 sound headset, which contributed a great deal to the event.

Checking, and we were back at the motel for our own private happily hours and Waikiki Friday evening firework. I enjoyed walking around the gardens and participating in some ceremonies, such as cultivating the gongs and meditation before going into the zooplan. Next we got on a coach to Kailua, where a popular trek named Lanikai Pillbox Trail took place.

On the way up for almost a kilometer there is a breathtaking view not only of Lanikai and Kailua but also of the nature reserves around the city. On a sweat-inducing walk on the Lanikai beaches, we dived into the sea and spend the rest of the day snorkelling and unwinding. A tourist attraction I really wanted to do was the Dole Plantation.

Favourite was the Garden Route, an audiotour through the Dole Garden with local and import flowers. The Dole Whip was my true favourite, as astonishing as it was promoted.

On our fifth day we dared to go from Waikiki to Koko Head, where we made one of the most strenuous walks of my Iife. On the way, actually 1,100 broad stairs, follows an old railway car lane 1,200 ft up the side of the Koko Head Crater. Wobbly back on our backs we made our way to the Hanuama Bay Nature Reserve, one of the most visited snorkel sites in the area.

But it was good not to mention the already too many automobiles on the small isle. No place on the isle we wanted to go to that was not reached by the buses. Google Maps' means of transport were dependable (not quite as good on weekends). Prepare for insular activity.

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