Day Trips from San Juan

Excursions from San Juan

Trips & Excursions. Day trip with the catamaran of Fajardo. Ceva Ventana and Arecibo Observatory of San Juan. The Culebra is one of the best day trips in Puerto Rico. Snorkel & Picnic in San Juan.

SUNJUAN TOP 10 Day Trips & Excursions (w/prices)

From Fajardo, this day excursion will take you across unspoilt water to a wonderful..... Venture off the well-trodden paths to discover El Yunque National Park. Discover woodlands that are less known to the local people..... This is the place for you if you are looking for an extremely adventurous walk through lesser known areas of El Yunque Rainforest!

Explore an aquatic haven on this Vieques snorkel trip. Leave your San Juan for a 7-hour (including travel time) family-friendly trip..... The Rainforest and Biobay Combos tours take in two of Puerto Rico's most popular sights in an all-day outing. Come and see the El Yunque..... El Toro Wilderness, called after the highest point of El Yunque National Park on 3,524 ft, with breathtaking scenic vistas.....

Join us and enjoy a zip-lining extravagance that rips over rainforest peaks, brooks and creeks. A small group 8 hour guide takes you to the centre of Puerto Rico. Departure from your San Juan.....

Inexpensive day trips from San Juan in Puerto Rico

When you visit San Juan for more than three nights, I strongly suggest leaving the capitol of Puerto Rico and discovering other parts of the isle. It is good to know that you don't have to take an expensively travel group with you to see some of Puerto Rico's greatest attractions. Obviously, a visit to one of the countless Puerto Rican beach can make for a day out of town, but since San Juan has many beautiful sandy beach, it has been removed from this price group.

That' s clear, because one of the biggest drawings in Puerto Rico is completely free. You must of course get there, and if you want to prevent a trip that can be about $30-40 per passenger, you should rent a vehicle for the day. It' a worthwhile experience, because you can use the free rain forest in combination with the free Luquillo Beach and the very inexpensive kiosk on the way to a snack along the road.

It is a convenient way to get to the beautiful Vieques and Culebra Isles, but it will take a while. It' worth it, but it'?s gonna take a few of them. Ask the Puerto Rico Maritime Authority (787-863-0705) for the timetable and times of your itinerary.

Again it's cheaper, but it needs more goddamn air traveling. In one of these Vieques or Culebra places you can eat an inexpensive but delicious dish. Be sure you know the timetable for your journey home! Considering how near it is and eating at Soleil Beach Club, it's difficult to hit piñones.

The Fiestas Patronales, as they are called, are an exploding display of taste, splendour and sophistication. The festivities are organized by most cities of the Isle in honour of their protector and include one day (or more, according to the city) with concerts, processions, meals and general flippancy.

It is another great benefit for the Pueblicos, so Puerto Ricans who don't have a car come to and from the small town to the big town. Prior to planning your journey, review the patronage festival timetable and know where you are going. Much less known and less frequented than Puerto Rico's other large forests, Guánica State Forests are as much as El Yunque.

Situated in the southwest near the town of Guánica, this is considered the best conserved sub-tropical arid Caribbean wood. It is also home to about half of Puerto Rico's bird life and over 700 flora and fauna, almost 50 of which are threatened with extinction. Some well-maintained hiking paths will take you into the woods, and like El Yunque, your greatest costs will probably be incurred here.

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