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These are some of the best places to visit outside Rio de Janeiro on a day trip or weekend trip. In search of suggestions for day trips from Rio. It is a city where you can spend your entire holiday, but what if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the lively city for a day or two? There are four cities to explore for a day, just a few hours from Rio de Janeiro. These are the best day trips from Rio de Janeiro from the beach to city life.

Top 10 Day Trips & Excursions (w/prices)

This 9-hour excursion takes you to the most important sites of Rio in one day. Come and see the famed sculpture of Christ the Redeemer, take a cable car..... A day out from Rio de Janeiro to discover the city' s nostalgic atmosphere, picturesque charms and stylish Buzios town.

Visiting Brazil's imperial city on this privately owned, all-day trip to Petropolis, which starts from Rio de Janeiro. There''s story all over this hilltop city -.... When you are in Rio de Janeiro and only have one day to go to Ilha Grande, we can help you! From your Rio de Janeiro hotels this trip starts.....

Take a trip around the Ilha Grande (Great Island). Away from the turmoil of Rio de Janeiro and discover the unspoilt shores of Ilha..... Immerse yourself in a bit of Brazil's past on this full day trip from Rio de Janeiro to Petrópolis. Find out more about the town' s past and legacy and.....

Have a day to explore the town of Rio de Janeiro by taking in all the main sights. Drive from Rio de Janeiro to Buzios. Explore the town' s wealthy past, which used to be a pirate's cave and know a famous..... Encounter one of the most prestigious icon of Rio de Janeiro, Corcovado (Christ the Redeemer).....

It is the ideal trip for your second day in Rio! The astonishingly lovely emperor's town of Petrópolis, the holiday resort of the..... Explore the wonderful Buzios area, a tourist resort known for its beach and night life, with an all-day escorted trip.

Excursions from Rio de Janeiro

This wonderful city is a fascinating place with many rides to discover. These are some of the best places to go on a day trip or week-end out of Rio de Janeiro. This seaside city is 168 km southwards of Rio de Janeiro. Angra d'Reis is famous for its luxuriant Atlantic forest, which gives way to a sparkling cove with 365 isles.

The majority of visitors come to Angra doses Reis to take a boating excursion through the cove to see some of the island, the most renowned of which is Ilha Grande. It is a favourite part of a day excursion from Rio de Janeiro. The Angra ds Reis and Ilha Grande tours will take you by coach from Rio to Angra ds Reis before taking a sailboat to the shores of Ilha Grande.

There is also the possibility to make a comfortable reservation for a shuttle to Angra ds Reis and discover the city and cove on your own. Lodging facilities range from spectacular Angra seaside resort to comfortable hotel and harbour hostel facilities for those who want to use the city as a launch ramp to discover the area.

But the most exciting choice is to remain at Ilha Grande. The Ilha Grande, which means Big Iceland, is the treasure of the Angra ds Reis islands. You will be taken by boat to the capital of the Isle, Vila do Abraão. Developments have started on the islands and the city now boasts a wide range of hotels and fabulous beach dining where you can enjoy the freshest sea food, with a capirinha in your hands.

For exercise, take a stroll along the island's many hiking trails or a ferry from Abraão to the baeach. One of the most appreciated options is to go from Abraão to the sea, a picturesque 2.5-hour stroll, and at the end of the day take a ferry back to the city.

The Ilha Grande can be reached on a day trip from Rio de Janeiro. If you want more adventures, you can also take an Ilha Grande walk that takes you on a walk around the islands to see the beach and vantage points. You can take a coach or a shuttle from Rio to Angra ds Reis.

Between Angra and Ilha Grande there are hourly boat trips. Búzios is to Rio what the Hamptons are to New York. Situated on the northern tip of the Riopenisula, the city, known for Brigitte Bardot, who came here in the 1960s to get away from the Pawarazzi. Many Brazilians, among them the wealthy and celebrities, come to the city on Saturdays, Sundays and public holiday to savour the beautiful beach and the large choice of fashionable clubs, pubs, restaurants and night clubs.

During the week and out of saison you can relax and unwind in Buzios. One of the main attractions of the city are the numerous sandy areas along the coast of the mainland. For those who chase the sundowner, there are many bays and difficult-to-reach shores to be explored by canoe. Búzios is not the only place that attracts the population.

The city is much more advanced than many of its neighboring cities and has much to offer. Rua des Pedras is the city' s major road, where you will find a number of first-class eateries, cafes, trendy pubs, night clubs, art galeries and many more. The closeness to Rio makes a day trip to Buzios ideal for those who have little to do.

You will have the opportunity to discover the cities and sandy areas on a cruise around the water. Remember that in summers this place is filled with those who want to make the best of the weather or get away from the high seasons in the cityscape.

For Buzios, you can take a Rio to Buzios from Novo Rio main train terminal. You can also rent a vehicle, especially if you want to discover other areas outside of Buzios. You can also arrange a personal shuttle from Rio to Buzios to enjoy the convenience of door-to-door transportation.

Paraty, one of the most attractive small cities on the Rio de Janeiro coastline, is a favourite excursion destination. About 4 hrs from Rio, an excursion here is a little long for a day excursion, so you should spend at least one overnight in Paraty.

Its importance once resided in the sugar cane factory and the golden road that served as a harbour for Minas Gerais' bullion. Paraty, after the fall of the Goldweg, underwent a revitalisation and is now a first-class traveler' s paradise with those who want to discover the old Goldweg, cove and old city.

In Paraty, a must is a cruise through the cove. From the sea you have the opportunity to discover some of Paraty's best shores and enjoy a great panoramic look at the city against a scenic sun. Some of Paraty's secluded shores can also be explored by road on a walk or to Trindade Cove.

Drive to the interior to discover the Atlantic Woods and the Paraty Mountains. You will discover many cascades, see caccaça stills and enjoy great walks through the woods and along the golden path. If you want to excavate beneath the city' s surfaces and enjoy the city' s cultural life, you should book a Caiçara Cultural Tour to see a village and find out more about the area.

It is possible to make a reservation for a shuttle or take a coach from Rio de Janeiro. Stop at the shore and drive to the Rio de Janeiro state' s Petrópolis, the imperial city of Brazil. Hidden in the Serra d oses Órgãos hill, this city was the capital of the nineteenth centuries of the emperors and aristocracy of Brazil.

You can reach us most easily with a day trip to Petrópolis. If you want to spend longer to explore the footpaths, you can take a coach from Rio. Located between Buzios and Arraial do Cabo, Cabo Frio is a fairly large city that is very much loved by its people. Only a few overseas visitors come here because you need a vehicle to get around, and it doesn't have the same glory as Buzios and Paraty.

Cabo Frio's most favourite attraction is of course the beach. Continuing along the promontory is Arraial do Cabo, a place renowned for its underwater world. Arraial is more relaxed than Buzios and Cabo Frio, has much less amenities, is less expensive and has incredibly clear waters covered with verdant mound.

A full day dive to Arraial do Cabo from Rio de Janeiro can be booked to see this famed dive site in Brazil. Hire a Rio Riviera vehicle and go to Cabo Frio. You can also take a coach and hire a vehicle in the city, as Cabo Frio's local transportation is restricted.

Between Rio and Cabo Frio there are coaches all day long.

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