Day Trips from Nyc by Public Transportation

Nyc day trips by public transport

Local traffic makes it easier than you think to escape to the countryside. Get off Amtrak at Penn Station and get off at Hudson in two hours. Coaches can also make trips to popular places such as NYC, Chicago, Washington and others. You will need a place to crash after a long, strenuous day of sightseeing. NYC is the only option for Amtrak Day Trips.

NYC Weekend Getaways: Up to 10 rides by bus, boat or train - Cobble Hill - New York

THE NEW YORK CITY - Have you got your next flight from New York City in mind? However, if you want to prevent all this, New York City has a variety of public and privately owned transportation that you can take with you by coach, rail or water. I have 10 great kids out for the weekends.

There is a dayly boat from East Street or Wall Street in Manhattan to Sandy Hook. Free shuttles also take you from the pier to any shore at different hours, with the Gunnison Strand upmarket. When you have "Hamilton" melodies in mind, take a tour of the Schuyler-Hamilton House, where Alexander Hamilton and Elizabeth Schuyler started their mating.

It is now a Chapters' Hall for the daughters of the American Revolution, open from 2 pm to 4 pm on Sunday afternoon and guided visits can be booked in advanced. You can also find out about the Hamilton sisters' journey to the home in the New York Times. Planing a Hudson journey could involve a boat tour along the Hudson riverbank, a stop at a vineyard or a campsite in a near-by state parc.

At one time, the building on the site was home to the painter Frederic Edwin Church. Famous for its singular building technique, the building is open for guiding. Whilst this journey only gets you out of New York from a technical point of view, it is the perfect way to a stress-free night away from loud pubs and overcrowded underground trains.

From Pier 62 in Chelsea, the Adirondack schooner parachute will start at 6:30 pm overlooking New York's New York SkyLine, the Statue of Liberty and Battery Park, according to the website. Surf, watch seals or just get out of town, Montauk is a favourite New Yorker' holiday getaway for those who want to avoid the upper class Hamburg.

When the Kentucky Derby is out of range this year, you should go to Saratoga Springs instead. Saratoga Race Course is a historical course that lasts from July to Labour Day (you can even take a walk around the course and stand here). Saratoga Springs has many pubs and dining places when horseracing is not your game.

BONUS: You can also reach Saratoga Springs via Amtrak. Located less than 10 leagues from Washington D.C. but still linked by the metro, the old city of Alexandria, a historical quarter known for its narrow lanes and reddish brickwork houses, is now home to a dozen restaurants, pubs and fashion-stores. The Megabus will meet you at the bus stop near the Javits Centre in Manhattan and drive to Newport's Drop-off in the city's visitor centre.

It' s a week-end with beautiful sandy beach, brewery, vineyards and villa-tour. You can start your holiday as soon as you depart the port of New York with an open-air decks, free Wi-Fi and a cocktail lounge with beers, wines and drinks on board the Seastreak ship. Starting with the Memorial Day week-end, the ship will depart from East35th St. in Manhattan on Friday afternoon with stopovers in Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket.

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