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A welcoming and relaxed city to explore. Orlando and Naples from Miami. Booking the best day trips from Miami, FL directly on TripAdvisor and take the stress out of the planning. Many Miami Florida day trips take you to places you will enjoy. Misiam Tours, Miami Sightseeing, Activities in Miami, Miami Day Tours, Miami Attractions, Miami Transfers, Miami Bus Tours, Miami Day Tours and more!

Misìmìi Top 10 Day Tours & Excursions (w/prices)

There is no such thing as a South Florida trip without a trip to Key West! If you are an expert snorkeller or if you want to try something new and interesting, Key West is the ideal under water location. Your day trip to Bimini, with a distinctive mixture of historical charm, contemporary rides and environmental miracles, is.....

The Overseas Highway One takes you through Key Largo and the Seven Mile Breakthrough to America's most southern town..... Discover Key West on this day out from Miami, with pickup from your motel. Arrived in Key West, you will..... Come and discover Key West in one day.

They begin by traversing 42 viaducts and 43 isles to the last Key West. From Miami to Key West..... Discover the Kennedy Space Center on this tour. You can discover NASA and see John F. Kennedy.....

For this day out, head to Key West, the most southern town on the American continent. 1 way or round tour to Miami Orlando by coach with transfer to the hotels. Semiprivate coach shuttles from Miami to Orlando. Leave Miami and the spacious skyscraper towers southwards along Hwy 1 into the Keys - a row of isles that extend into the oceans and separate the Atlantic coast.....

You' ll be able to take advantage of these personal transfer services to and from Miami Dade to the Kennedy Space Museum. We will pick you up from your Miami Dade and drive in the direction of..... Stop off on Miami's shores and take a flight to the Big Apple for an memorable day of food, drink and sight-seeing.

The day excursion contains all flights.....

Outings from Miami, South Florida & the Keys

And if you even think about being in Miami, look at the remainder of our distiNATION: Miami Leader. It' piled up with knowledgeable local advices about what to consume, where to consume and what to do. On one occasion, a sage man described Miami as "palm tree, sky azure, gazebo and gorillas / where the party doesn't end until the next one.

If it does, we leave the stripper teams, stripper walls and grandma's condo - and go on a voyage of discovery. If the holiday deities give you enough space for a day-long detour from Miami, you should avoid Mouse House and instead go swimming with dugongs in fresh water sources, take a bimini boat ride for a week-end or search for old sharkbones and mastoid fangs on the Peace River, where old sharks' bone and fangs are awaiting to be found.

However, when you' re short of hours - or just can't stay away from the town' s hot fluorescent lights - the simple day trips below are enough to take a real whiff of serenity. "Just to the West of Miami, the 600-headed Miccosukee tribe of Indians (neighbors of the more famed Seminoles) control 33 acre reserve lands and another 189,000 acre of Mt. of everglade wetland serving as their large humid shelter.

Miccosukee, whose forebears were almost extinct during the Andrew Jackson war, are defending the fragile eco-system that is still threatened by the cultivation of cakes. The reason it's a worthwhile trip: Had this been done while President John F. Kennedy was on his Palm Beach home, it would have to be moved to a secure location to run what was left of America.

Navy Seabees excavated an subterranean shelter in a small mound on an artificial lake in the Intracoastal Waterway, a 15-minute cruise from Kennedy House. Today you can take a ferry to Peanut Iceland and visit the Kennedy Tank, which is like a can.

Inside you can see the now degraded arrangement for building the dugout and the water purification shower that would have been used to flush away radiation from it. This 79 hectare large holiday village has become a community centre for paddling, kayak and camps. Once you've visited the Isle, you can explore the near-by snorkelling path in Phil Foster Parks, or turn through Palm Beach, shop in Chanel and Tiffany on Worth Ave and throw back a beverage at the Palace-like Breakers Estate.

Return to Miami along the beach promenade, the Al A, to see sumptuous villas, among them Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago Privatclub. Happy people can even see a unique spirit idea from the books The orchid thief. While Shealy herself is known for offering monkey hunt trips with frogs' legs dinner, a joyride through the souvenir store may be enough.

Islámorada has all the relaxed charms of Keys West (probably more, with Keys West now so commercialized) for a split of the cost. There are five small island collections where you can charter a large number of yachts for your own personal angling trips. Along the way you will stop at Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park and take a dip in a little bit of Pennekamp Coral Salt.

And Miami is chilly..... until the last call, then the light comes up to unveil too much truth: the soaked rugs, the "surgical improvements", the flaps so sharp that you would have sworn it was in the Peso. His once beautiful mile-long stripe on Fort Lauderdale Beach has turned into a real mixture of working people' s waterhole, chic hoteliers and chic hotel.

At night and at the weekend, it is a people-watching Bonananza, with masters, sous and flip-flopped Kuties from all over the globe going bar-hopping. Strand Earth Zero: the Elbo Room, made popular by the'60s movie Where the Boys Are. Snowfowls are crowding the streets from Thanksgiving to Easter, and still in March every year there are still collegiate children, but the most beautiful ones come between May and October: three kinds of marine tortoises.

Half way around the cobbled 15-mile bend in Shark Valley, part of Everglades National Parks, you come to a specific observation deck that you can ascend to get an impression of the expanse of the reserve and enjoy the wonderful, uncanny serenity. You' re not ready for the cycling? Take a tramway and a tourist guidance.

Verify the parking timetable calendars. The reason it's a worthwhile trip: When he began hosting gator-fighting shows and opened a small pet store, he became known as the "Tarzan of the Loxahatchee River" and the Palm Beach heiress fainted. After a stay in World War II he went a little mad and became a recluse, and nobody knows for sure whether he really did commit a suicide or whether it was a trick of the administration that had closed his Zoo and confiscated his country - now part of Jonathan Dickinson Statepark.

Cruise the old trapper's home during a somewhat difficult 3. 5- to 7-hour ride by boat or seakay ( "Beware of blockages, drying out, toppling over and starving alligators") along this nationally recognized rugged and scenically charming stream, where white-headed sea urchins and sea turtles find their home. The insanity in Miami might make you a little quieter..... and Naples, on the western Florida coastline, is as reserved as it can be.

There is an gator ranch and a NASCAR highway in this rural area just to the south of Miami, but above all it is a miracle country for growers, given the sub-tropical climates. Schnebly Redland's Winery uses this premium to make wines (including beer); tastings are possible.

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