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Lima Top Day Trips & Excursions. The Nazca Lines Air Tour and Ballestas Islands Day Trip from Lima. This is Paracas and Huacachina from Lima with Ballestas Islands and Sandboarding. Cruise Palomino Islands and swim with sea lions experience from Lima. The Nazca Lines Air Tour with transport from Lima.

Top 10 Lima Day Tours & Excursions (w/prices)

Celebrate a unique event as you journey to Ica to see the famed and enigmatic Nazca Lines. Celebrate this all-day trip to Caral, the birthplace of culture and the oldest civilisation in America. An archeological walk through the missing..... Get away from the day in Lima on this itinerary.

You can take a ferry to the Ballestas Islands and see Chincha, home of Afro-Peruvian civilization with your guidebay. It is for travellers who want to reach the port of Callao by cruiser but want to discover the beauty of Lima. Start your full day trip.....

Savour the splendour of the historic centre of Lima, visiting the "Main Square", the Archbishop's Palace and the Municipal Palace, other great places where you can..... On this day excursion to Caral, you' ll be visiting America's oldest known town! In Lima you will take your guidebook to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Caral, a.....

Magic Water Circuit has the Guinness book of records for the world's biggest well ensemble with 13 wells, most of which are fully interactivity. The Marcahuasi is a rocky wood only a few hrs away from Lima.

Best day trips from Lima, Peru

Lima, will want to take a little rest from her hometown now and then. It is a very sweet place about an hours and a half outside of Lima. It' usually used as a stopover to take another coach on the way to the Andes, but the whole thing is a day out.

When you are weary of the continuous hustle and bustle in Lima, then flee to the small fishermen's hamlet of Pucusana. Benefit from the peace and quiet of a fishermen's hamlet in Peru and spend a day living more slowly. It' taking about four-hour to get here from Lima, but it's definitely workable.

In order to get here, you have to get out of Lima at 5am to really take your sweet moment to explore this little paradise in the midst of a wilderness of apparently never-ending sands. It is another goal that can be achieved in a day, but it is definitely a reward.

As one of the oldest towns in America, Caral is another one of the many remains of old civilisations dotted along the Peruvian coast. Visit the ruined sites that were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009. When you get high enough and look southwards from Lima, you will see a large sculpture of a large piece of wood on a rock.

The walk to this chorrillo towering over the chorrillos is a great training, and the views from above are all Lima and it' s more than a reward. As soon as you have finished the walk, drive to Sonia's to visit some of the best Ceviches in all of Lima. Drive to Lunahuana early in the day to take enough quality whitewater canoeing.

A small city just outside Lima, it provides tranquillity and adventures. Directly westwards of the city there are the remains of Incahuasi. You will have enough free space to discover these remains, which are only about an hours away from Lima. There are many different areas and sanctuaries to visit, so a full day is suggested.

Cruise to the island to discover Peru's abundant sea life.

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