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Find out all about the attractions and activities near this cosmopolitan city with our list of the best day trips from Geneva: Excellent Geneva Day Trips & Excursions. A day trip to Gruyères with the Golden Panorama Express. Chamonix and Mont Blanc independent tour from Geneva. A day trip to Montreux, Chaplin's World Museum and Chillon Castle.

Top 10 day trips from Geneva

Only a few places have such a nice environment as Geneva, on the shore of the Geneva Lakes and around Alpine crests. Day trips to the seaside resorts, where you will find excellent museum and old streets to walk along, and even one of the most renowned palaces in Europe, towering directly out of the lakes.

Take the funiculars and funiculars to get a breathtaking view, explore the Alps garden, unwind in a hot tub, or go skiing in Geneva for afternoons. Most of these day trips can be done by ships that sail regularly on the shores of Lac Léman. Circumnavigate the lakes and experience the landscape by jumping off the ship in the middle of the small town.

There' even a seperate steamboat stop in the Chateau Chillon. Geneva is almost on the frontier with France, making it easier to reach the Alps and the old town. Find out all about the sights and activities near this metropolitan town with our best day trips from Geneva:

From one of the four wharfs along Lake Geneva, take a boating trip with beautiful mountains view, luxuriant verdant slopes with scenic rock towns, seaside spas with Belle Epoch properties and the renowned Château de Chillon towering above the skiff. At any of these places you can get off the ship to discover it, join a later ferry trip or return by rail to take a different look at the Swiss Riviera.

In Montreux you can climb the narrow-gauge Rochers-de-Naye Cogwheel Train, which leads up to a 360-degree view of the Alps. Of the 20 vessels of the Lake Geneva Navigation Company, eight are historical paddle wheels, and on each you can select a place to sit on the decks or in glazed saloons. Château de Chillon's massive ninth c. wall rises directly out of the water of Lake Geneva in one of the most spectacular backdrops in Europe for a fortress.

Byron's The Prisoner of Chillon is based on a real history, and you can still see the ring in the walls where François de Bonivard was detained. Continue along the well-marked walk to visit the whole fortress with over 20 outbuildings.

Located on the southern edge of Geneva on the edge of France, Mont Saleve is a crest of calcareous stone with excellent view of the Alps and the area. Besides the view, you can also hike and climb here or just take the six-minute Veyrier aerial cableway, on the edge of France, to an altitude of 1,143 metres.

It is a half-hour ascent from the holiday town of Monnetier, in a gulf between the Petit and the Grand Salève, to the top of the Petit-Salève. 1.5 km from Monnetier, a right-hand street offers a splendid view of the Mont Blanc range, Lake Geneva and the Jura and a trail (also about 30 minutes' climb) to the Crêt de Grange Tournament.

Chamonix, a small hilltop town over the borders of France, is a 90-minute journey through the breathtaking Arve valley with the snow-capped Alps of France. The Chamonix is located at the bottom of Mont Blanc, the highest summit in Western Europe at 4,800 metres. To enjoy an even better view of the Alps, take the funicular to the top of the Aiguille du Midi and enjoy the panoramic view of Mont Blanc and the Alps of France, Switzerland and Italy.

There is a rack railroad that takes you up to Montenvers and the Mer de Glace, a "sea of ice" where you can see glaciers, and a local history gallery where you can get to know the glaciers and the construction of the Montenvers-Bahn. While Chamonix's major attraction is its accessibility to the Alps, the city itself is appealing, with roads bordered by small houses, stores and cafes where you can enjoy a glass of warm champagne and enjoy the countryside.

All of this can be taken on a 9.5-hour day excursion from Geneva to the Alps with a convenient bus and a state-of-the-art funicular to the Aiguille de Midi. We continue with the rack railroad to Montenvers to see the renowned Mer de Glace icecier.

It is difficult to be beating the beautiful city of Annecy, about an hour's car ride from Geneva, for its charms, not to speak of its almost ideal location on a mountainous pond. In the early 1200s, the Counts of Geneva made Annecy their seat, and in the Château d'Annecy museums, a renovated château dominating the Vieille Ville (Old Town), you can find out more about the city' s histories.

A simple way to get here is a five-hour Annecy half-day trip from Geneva, where you can cross the frontier by bus and see the sights of Annecy with a qualified tourist guidebook before taking your own pace to do it. There is a choice of either a midmorning or evening outing. Situated on the northern shores of Lake Geneva, Lausanne is usually considered a commercial and commercial centre, which it is certainly, but it is also a nice town and an interesting place to be.

His roads and a line of trolleys rise sharply from the pier and boardwalk to the church. Descent via the scenic Escaliers du Marche, a long roofed staircase, to the Place de la Palud, where you will find the oldest well in Lausanne and an animation watch that shows hourly depictions of typical stories.

A large Belle Epoch hotel bordered boardwalk along the lakeside links the Château d'Ouchy boat mooring and château dating from the twelfth cen. to the Olympic Museum. Vevey, one of the most beautiful cities on the shores of the sea, blends mediaeval architecture with the Belle Epoch and makes it look like home.

In the centre is one of the biggest European marketplaces, which on Tuesday and Saturday morning is full of locals, grocery manufacturers, flower artists and craftsmen. Bevey was home to Charlie Chaplin, whose sculpture looks over the city. In the vicinity is the magnificent Alimentarium, an active centre of interest for historical information on foods, springs, traditions, tradition and scholarship.

Further along the seafront are lovely 19th century establishments, the stars of which are the Hotel du Lac, renowned for the award-winning novel by Booker, shot and penned here. There is a small palace on the shore of the lakeshore which houses a small open-air exhibition. Montreux is one of the most picturesque cities in the world with its magnificent seaside resorts, flowery balconies and waterfront stroll.

To get an impression of the opulent atmosphere of the end of the 19th centuries, enter the most magnificent of the large Swiss Riviera resorts, the Montreux Palace, which is still the meeting place for VIPs. To overlook the beautiful view of the Alps and the beautiful view of the Alps, take the railway to the city of Andalusia, in the rolling countryside of the city of Andalusia. Take the Glion-Rochers-de-Naye Railway for a picturesque trip to the summit of Rocher de Naye.

On the top, if you can catch your eye from the view in all directions, you' ll see the Groundhog Home, the small Natural History Centre and the dizzying alpine garden of La Rambertia. This mountain village's name is forever associated with that of the regional cheeses, and on a day excursion you can see how this renowned cheeses are made and taste the genuine one.

Another well-known souvenir is praline and on the way to Gruyeres you can stop at the Broc hot beverage plant. It is a great place for postcards, dominated by a large mediaeval château, the Château de Gruyères. With a first glance at the cobbled streets of the Middle Ages, the well-preserved building and the floral balcony, it is clear why Les Plus Beaux has made Yvoire one of the most attractive towns in France.

At the end of a small promontory with the snow-capped Savoy Alps as a scenery, the scenery is enhanced. It is a city for walking, to linger in cafes and stores, to marvel at the works of the locals. Château d'Yvoire, and Le Jardin des Cinq Sens, a gardens that appeals to all five of your five senses. 12.

Whenever possible, you should at least take a steamboat trip to enjoy the best view of Yvoire and the Alps behind it.

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