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One-Day Excursions from Dubai

Dubai Day Trips & Excursions. Full day tour through Abu Dhabi City from Dubai. Seaplane flight from Dubai including Ferrari World and return transfer. A Ferrari World Day trip from Dubai. Day trip to Musandam Khasab and Dhow Cruise from Dubai.

Top 10 Day Trips from Dubai

Dubai's cozy atmosphere, world-class dining and a variety of shops could keep you busy in the town for a whole weekend, but even serious urban slicker need a rest from time to time. Fortunately, most of the main touristic sites and favourite activities in the United Arab Emirates are only a brief excursion away, so you can enjoy a variety of day trips from Dubai.

Abu Dhabi is a must for those who want to stay in the towns and villages for the bright whiteness of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, while the town of Al Ain with its many monuments is worth a visit for cultural enthusiasts. The Abu Dhabi Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is one of the UAE's most important symbols of modernity and a victory for today's architectural heritage, fused with Arab tradition and craftsmanship.

Approximately 132 kilometres from Dubai, the Moscow has 82 cupolas, the biggest rug in the whole wide globe (created by 1,200 rug weavers) and seven gigantic crystals (the biggest with a weight of 12 tons). You can visit the MOSCHE from Saturday to Thursday from 9.00 to 22.00 and on Friday from 16.30 to 22.00.

Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al-Nahyan, the first UAE official after whom the Mosque is called, is buried behind the central structure of the Moscow City. A day out in the deserts is a must for every Dubai day out. Explore the wilderness of the UAE on safari and for those looking for a touch of thrill.

Kameltrekking is the more classic way of transportation, with more ways to easily enjoy the tranquil beauties of this rugged countryside, but you can take four-wheel drive liveaboards further away from the town and allow you to see a larger area. The majority of trips outside Dubai involve a visit and drive through the vast sand dune near the town for an adrenaline-loaden outing.

The Dune basketball is essentially a fun ride in a vehicle and is thrilling when you ride down a giant sandy shaft at full speed. Oman's Musandam Peninsula, about 194 kilometres from Dubai, is the ideal tranquil remedy for Dubai's light and hustle and bustle. Khasab, the best way to enjoy the landscape is by cruising from the Omani capital Khasab.

With the nickname "The Garden City" Al Ain makes from Dubai a great day excursion for cultural enthusiasts with its musea, well renovated forts and an archeological site from the Bronze Age. Al Jahili Fortress houses the oldest UAE heritage centre, the Al Ain Musuem, with a permanent exhibition highlighting the Emirates' archeology and ethnology, while the Al Ain Palace Musuem exhibits in the old UAE presidential palace, including an arts galery and exhibitions of the Emirates' tradition.

The Al Ain Zoo is the highlights for the family, and now also offers a wildlife adventure where you can observe wildlife from Africa and Arabia in a meticulously designed area. No-one should miss an excursion to the top of Jebel Hafeet, the second highest mountain in the Emirates.

You can get very tired from the Dubai hot weather. The Wadi Adventure Park, about 153 kilometres from the town, is a great place to refresh yourself and have time. The Hajar Mountains, which extend across the UAE to Oman, is a great getaway from Dubai and offers the emirate's best ambassadors.

Spiral peaks provide magnificent scenic vistas and many occasions to see gazelle, while birdwatchers should keep their eye open to observe Egyptian beasts. These small insulated towns are a remote corner of Dubai, and a favourite stop along the way is Hatta Heritage Village, a fully refurbished old town that now boasts much information about Hajar tradition, with museum, arts and crafts and refurbished old apartments.

One day in the Emirate of Fujairah, about 167 kilometres from Dubai, combines natural beauty and historical heritage. Al-Bidyah Clay Brick is the oldest example of a UAE religious site with a story dating back to the fifteenth cent.

A little outside the fashionable town of Fujaira is the small, golden-coloured stonefort Fujaira, which was built in the sixteenth cent. Fujairah's Heritage Village is located around the fortress, where you can stroll through a restored, characteristic town, which illuminates the Emirates' countryside in previous ages, with exhibitions and demonstration of ancient agricultural methods.

Ferrari Worlds is the biggest amusement arcade amusement arcade in the whole of Italy and includes rollercoaster trips, F1 racing tracks, audiovisual attractions that allow you to see Italy's most popular aerial attractions and the Ferrari factories, an animated children's section with trips for the little ones and a Ferrari car museums (of course).

It' a great day for youngsters of all age levels, with everything from a learning adventure for young ones to the world's quickest rides (from 0 to 240 km/h) on The Thrill of Rosso ride, offering you the true Formula 1 racing adventure. The Ferrari is 112 kilometres from Dubai.

To discover Dubai's deserts on a horseriding excursion is a great excursion into the town. The Emirates Equestrian Center organizes dry rides for seasoned horsemen on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, starting early mornings and afternoons, while many of Dubai's privately owned stabling facilities provide all stages of equestrian experiences, from beginner to intermediate, and can tailor day rides for family, group and single use.

This way, exploration of the deserts will bring you much nearer to the rough and brute beauties of the surroundings than on a four-wheel drive trip. Specialised Dubai travel agencies are offering ocean trips to the Arabian Gulf where you can cast your line and try your hand at harvesting tunas, snappers, groupers and barracudas.

Deep Sea Dubai is the selection of the group' group, as their angling trips are all day efforts, beginning with an early morning departing from the town and headed at least 45 mile off the shore, which maximises angling times and the probability of a prosperous fisher.

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