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Excursions from Cusco

Cusco Excursions & Day Trips. The Sacsayhuaman Archaeological Park and Cusco Sites. A day trip to the Holy Valley: Pisac market is really a spectacle, especially if you go on a Sunday to a place where everyone - seriously, everyone - is out and wants to sell something. Leave the city of Cusco and enjoy what more Peru has to offer.

Top 10 Day Tours & Excursions (w/prices)

It' a rail ride to one of the New Seven Miracles. Travel through an unexplored country with rugged deserts, snow-capped summits, alpacas and arrival at Rainbow Mountain, deeply in the Andes. Known as the Lost City of the Incas, Machu Picchu is the place to be enjoyed alone or with your group.

Ascend to the top of Huayna Picchu and enjoy an unbelievable panoramic worldview. With a guide, this excursion will take you on a walk up the high hill with views of Machu.... Be amazed with this whole day, enjoy the beauty of a hill or other place and enjoy feeling lively and united?

Begin your trip in the town of Cusco, enjoying a fabulous sightseeing trip in and around Cusco: A one-day rail trip to Machu Picchu will take you on one of the most unbelievable rail trips in the underworld. Go back in history as you get to know the old Inca civilization and see how their offspring are living today during this all-day trip through Peru's saints.....

The Machu Picchu Private Tour in a luxury rail. Here you can take a ride on the Vistadome with panorama views next to and above your seats, which.....

Best day trips from Cusco, Peru

This is our tour leader to the best day trips in the town..... Approximately 50 kilometres from Cusco are the Inca remains of Moray. It is a circle of declining height patios as you move towards the centre, resulting in several levels of patios used for agronomy.

The Incas are thought to be testing various farming practices at this site. In order to access the site, you need a Bookto Turistico, which can be bought in Cusco. Pisac is a real show, especially if you go on a Sunday to a place where everyone - seriously, everyone - is out and wants to sell something.

It' undoubtedly the best place to get your souvenir at a lower price than Cusco. One of Cusco's most important touristic sites is this extensive multi-purpose ruins. As soon as you have checked the views, go downhill to the caves. About 30 minutes from Sacsaywaman, you can start the trek to El Balcon before you return to the city.

To make it more demanding, you can start the walk from another place, up the street from the Christ's Christ figure, which makes it an all-day experience. Situated on a hillside overlooking Pisac, the Inca stronghold offers you the best panoramic and ( mostly) empty vistas of the town.

From Pisac you can walk to the summit (it takes about two hours) or take a brief cabrides. There are also farm terrasses that extend from the southern side to the eastern side of the hill. The Salinas is perhaps the most beatiful place in the whole area of Cusco.

The Salinas is a compilation of several thousand saltworks that were used by the Incas for the extraction of salts and are still in operation today. At the top, a warm source of salted waters is brought to the pond where the salts are gathered. All in all, the saltworks have an amazing effect.

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