Day Trips from Chicago

Chicago Day Trips

Situated on the shores of ice-cold Lake Michigan, Chicago is one of the most famous cities in the United States. If you need a day trip from Chicago or a weekend trip from the big city, you don't have to go far. Read more about Getaways From Chicago. Many nearby cities and parks are worth a day trip from Chicago. Browse the five most important day trips every Chicagoer should take.

Great day trips from Chicago to beaches, breweries and more

Got yourself a little nostalgic for faraway places and little holidaymaking? Fortunately, Chicago is the ideal starting point for a variety of funny day trips. We' ve scheduled the 15 best day trips from Chicago and even devised special routes for each one. in a redesigned bench from the 1920s (808 W Washington St, 574-235-9664,

a quaint wind farm with a 250-year-old wind mill bought by the Dutches in the60s.

Top 25 Day Trips from Chicago, Illinois

There are many small breweries, historic breweries, breweries and inns that serve traditional Beer. There are 5 million bulbs blooming in Veldheer Tulip Gardens, Windmill Island Gardens and other places throughout the town. There are eleven marked hiking paths winding through the 30 miles of woodland, offering the visitor the possibility of riding, hiking, cycling, hiking, biking, skiing, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.

The Kettle Moraine Scenic Drives have been specially developed so that guests from the nearby towns can take a day excursion through the most scenic landscape in the forrest. Chicagoers may wonder why they should be leaving the Michigan Sea for Lac LĂ©man, but the two events are far apart. The Geneva is a spa town in Wisconsin on the shore of the small Wisconsin reservoir of the same name.

It' where affluent Chicagoers came to construct their villas during the gilded age. The prizewinning small community of Naperville has received awards from Money Magazine - Best Places to Life, Kiplinger - Best Places for Early Retirement, Zero Population Growth - Top Five Kid-Friendliest Cities and many others.

The Oak Park is a self-described community of free-thinking insurgents and gamblers. Historical enthusiasts will want a day out in Oak Park with a walk through the Wright District, an area created by Frank Lloyd Wright with prairie-style houses; his home and atelier are open for tours. The North Utica is a tranquil riverside city along the Illinois-Michigan Channel and the Illinois Riviera, which will attract antiques, winemaking and wildlife-loving people.

There are vineyards and vineyard boutiques, antiques and fleamarkets, country-style furnishings and collectors' boutiques and a potteries. The Chicago Botanic Garden is home to over 30 different types of garden. The Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore offers a 15 mile long sandy coastline along the south shores of Lake Michigan, ideal for a day at the water.

There are fifty kilometres of varied tracks along the lake shore, where you can go hiking, cycling, horse riding, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing or watching birds. Built in Greek revivalism, the Old State Capitol in Springfield, Illinois, is devoted to the heritage of Abraham Lincoln. If you' re a lover of the great outdoors, you'll find Apple River Canyon State Park in the gentle slopes of northwestern Illinois.

In the interior of the garden you can see the Apple River meandering through a chalk-canalon. Nearly 100 leagues from the busy town of Chicago is Illinois' biggest draw, the Starved Rock State Park. Its high cliffs give the visitor an unforeseen change from the plains for which this state is famous.

Brookfield Zoo has attracted more than 2 million enthusiastic spectators every year since 1934. More than 200 hectares in size, the natural reserve is home to over 2,000 species and is well-approved. Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum offers the opportunity for people from all over the world to inform themselves about "The Great American Story", that is Abraham Lincoln.

Distillery in Galena, Illinois, Blaum Bros. Distillery immerses the visitor in the intriguing universe of distillation of the distiller. The master Hoichi Kurisu was commissioned by John Anderson to create the Anderson Japanese Gardens in Rockford, Illinois. The visitor learns how important it is to protect Mother Nature's gift of greenness and is encouraged to participate in its protection.

The 1,700 hectare large landscape shows more than 200,000 living vegetation from all over the globe. The Cantigny Park was donated by Colonel Robert R. McCormick to Wheaton, Illinois, and opened in 1958. The recreation and education area offers a variety of recreation possibilities.

There are two musees in the reserve, one devoted to Colonel McCormick's estate and the other to defence historical events. It offers a wealth of recreation areas and possibilities and is home to a rich fauna and flora. Fishermen will enjoy world-class brownrout on the Au Sable National Scenic River.

is in Rockford, Illinois, along the Rock River. Outside walks link with a Monarch Nursery Park, Riverview Terrace, Eclipse Lagoon, two tea houses, two cascade parks, Sinnissippi Catinaccio, Trolley Car 36 Base and Forest City Queen Riverboat Boat Harbour. The Oglesby is a tranquil riverside city in the Illinois Valley at the junction of the Illinois and Vermillion Creeks.

Close by are two major theme playgrounds, among them the thickly wooded Matthiessen State and Starved Rock State Gardens, the most popular in Illinois. The White River State is a 225-acre municipal water farm in central Indianapolis, Indiana. Over the last ten years she has been awarded many prizes for her work in the area.

The Peoria district provides the visitor with the vitality of a revitalised city on a riverbank in four inner city districts.

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