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St-Emilion Bike Tour from Bordeaux with wine tasting and lunch. Instead of taking a day trip, would it be better to take a boat trip on the Garone River in Bordeaux? The best Bordeaux wine tours and wine tastings to Medoc, Saint Emilion, Sauternes. Day trips, visits to famous castles and drinks of fine wines. You can book the best day trips from Bordeaux, France directly on TripAdvisor and take the stress out of your planning.

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Take part in this day outing to the Saint-Emilion area. From Bordeaux, this full day escorted day cruise provides you with..... Take this Bordeaux to Médoc vineyard walk for a full day of tastings. Discover the Bordeaux vineyard that has made Bordeaux so well known throughout the year.

Explore the exceptional Bordeaux vineyard..... This is our top-of-the-range trip for a very unique view of this unbelievable winegrowing area. Excursions to our cellars and a fabulous dinner. From Bordeaux you will explore the Medoc vineyards. Packaged with 3 castles, lunches and a very popular Frensh "aperitif" (light snack), this.....

From Bordeaux, your St. Emilion Day of Discoveries will be full of awe. Everything from vineyard to subterranean caverns and lunches. Is there a better way to compare and contrast these fine colours on a Tuesday afternoons? Based on .... A day of pleasant surprises: a stop at a winery in the renowned Pomerol winegrowing area, where Merlot is royal, a pleasant picknick in the.....

Away for your wines! Catch your buddies or accompany our group on our brand-new trip with an adventure game in the subterranean caverns of a.....

As one makes a day excursion from Bordeaux to St. Emilion by train or the route, on the inexpensive

The guidebook for a day excursion to Saint Emilion was initially published in November 2014 and last revised in July 2018. Bordeaux's mediaeval town and UNESCO World Heritage Site Saint Emilion, France, is a great day out. Once you get from Bordeaux to St. Emilion, you will marvel at a breathtaking place.

It is the small city of Saint Emilion, rising from a vast expanse of vines. You can stroll for a few minutes past the picturesque stores, splendid cathedrals and historical sights of Saint Emilion. This day excursion from Bordeaux to St. Emilion does not have to be. Saint Emilion has a lot to do, whether you want to do a cheap day cruise or make your own day excursion from Bordeaux to Saint Emilion.

from Bordeaux to Saint Emilion: Do you want to go on your own or on a day trip? There are three things to consider when you decide whether to go alone or on a day trip from Bordeaux to Saint Emilion: Saint Emilion itself is more than one kilometre from the railway terminal.

What is more important to you: the freedom to go your own way or the lightness, convenience and additional information that a route brings with it? From Bordeaux to Saint Emilion there are three ways to make a day excursion with three very different prices: From Bordeaux you can go to St. Emilion on a less than 50 per capita budge.

From Bordeaux to St. Emilion alone, you should be able to incorporate similar experience from the many package holidays. Below are some examples of the costs you can anticipate if you follow our recommendations for a DIY day out to St. Emilion: If you are familiar with travelling independently and don't have any objections, you can take a beautiful day excursion by rail from Bordeaux to St. Emilion and go for a little stroll.

Do it yourself is almost always cheaper than a group trip. To get from Bordeaux to St. Emilion, this is especially the case if you compare the trips with the above -mentioned production prices. Nevertheless we found a trip from Bordeaux to St. Emilion, which is about the same price.

When in Bordeaux on a Wednesday or Sunday, there is a great half day excursion from Bordeaux to St. Emilion, which include transportation from Bordeaux, a visit to St. Emilion with the metro and a guided visit to a St. Emilion Castle winery & itinerary. From Bordeaux to St. Emilion, if you can't take the Wednesday or Sunday coach ride or just don't want to go with a large group, there are other smaller, less crowded trips that start every day of the group.

We' ve thoroughly searched the two most visited travel reservation pages (Viator and GetYourGuide) to find the best and cheapest routes from Bordeaux to St. Emilion. The above mentioned trips contain English language guide and a trip through St. Emilion. Usually do not involve a visit to the St. Emilion subway, which is often a real attraction for people.

Even though the guided visits do not include the subterranean sites, there is sometimes free spare walking times when you have the opportunity to discover the subsoil if the timings are right. Please see each route specification for more detail. Other parts of this guidebook show you how to get from Bordeaux to St. Emilion by rail to visit this astonishing town.

From Bordeaux you can reach St. Emilion comfortably by rail. The 34-minute journey through the day consists of several different types of rail. Here you can find the right time for your particular move. From Bordeaux to Saint Emilion by rail costs 9.50 per passenger and route.

From Bordeaux to St. Emilion you can buy your railway passes on-line. However, there is a big advantage when you buy your Bordeaux railway stations passes. There were no railway passes in St. Emilion during our stay. It is therefore recommended to book your Bordeaux to St. Emilion travelcard.

When you are not sure how much you would like to stay in St. Emilion, you can buy an "open return" railway pass at Bordeaux railway terminal. We do not know of any possibility of booking an "open return" tickets on-line at the moment of the letter, which is why we recommend booking it at Bordeaux railway stations.

You must visit a ticketing agents and cannot use the automatic newsstands. It is not possible to book this open flight back from Bordeaux to St. Emilion on line, so we suggest you buy it at the Bordeaux railway terminal. Arriving at St. Emilion railway stop, you should prepare for a one kilometre long stroll into the city and a little further into the centre.

When you arrive in St. Emilion, drive to the tourist centre, where you can get a lot of information from the friendly people. Day trips from Bordeaux to St. Emilion usually involve these three major activities in St. Emilion: Each of these adventures is easy to understand if you spend the day in Saint Emilion on your own.

When you reach the tourist centre, you will certainly want to take a trip on the St. Emilion subway. That is always a high point of our visit to St. Emilion. An intriguing subterranean walk leads to the top of the intriguing monumental cathedral. While you can explore the St. Emilion roads on your own, you can only reach the St. Emilion subway with the guide you have booked at the St. Emilion Tourist Information Centre.

If you want to go to a vineyard (and you should), the Tourist Information Centre can tell you which ones are open on the day of your stay and near the city. Reservations are often required in order to be able to visit the vineyards, but the Tourist Information Centre can help you call a vineyard and make a booking for a same-day outing.

Otherwise you should ask in advanced if you would like to take a particular route or if you would like to go to a particular vineyard. Visits to the cellar are about 5-?10 per capita and usually involve at least two tasting sessions. Visiting a vineyard in St. Emilion with a guided walk through the subterranean wineries that are legend here because they contain valuable wines that are many centuries old.

In this way you can explore this beautiful city on your own, between your vineyard and the sightseeing under-ground. Several of the packages offer lunches. But if you go to St. Emilion alone, you can dine flexibly wherever you want. If you keep your eyes open, you'll find some great chalkboards or a gorgeous street cafe where you can have a good meal with lettuce or sandwiches for less than ?10.

But here are some of our affordable lunches in St. Emilion: If you want a fast and inexpensive meal in St. Emilion, we can suggest Mie and Merlot for their bakery and sandwich products. You' re probably gonna get past that cheesy restaurant from the railway yard into the city. To get the best value for money, try the Chez la Puce Restaurant, where you can enjoy a 6-course meal for only ?14!

Coming from the railway terminal you have to run for about 12 minutes in the opposite town. You can eat one of the many tasty and savoury crêpes, which are well filled for a tasty meal, for about 10 ?. In case the tasting sessions during the wine trip are not enough for you, we have another place to recommend.... and it's free!

Situated next to the tourist centre, the Maison du Vin of Saint Emilion offers generous tasting sessions throughout the entire area. On our last trip the tasting sessions were open from 14:00-17:30. With all the savings you can make by avoiding an expensively priced package holiday, you might want to buy one or two bottles of the St. Emilion wines.

The same way you can travel from Bordeaux to St. Emilion for less than 50 euros. You can either take the instructions of the railway that runs at this office or take the half-day wine tasting in Bordeaux, which starts on Wednesday and Sunday. You can also take part in a small group excursion. Whatever you choose, a day excursion from Bordeaux to St. Emilion should be an economic and entertaining day in this historical and enchanting place in the canyon.

Stuff you can do in Bordeaux on a budget. When you want to store these St. Emilion Posts for later, attach them to your Travelling Posterest Charts for use as references in the future:

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