Day Trips from Athens

Excursions from Athens

One day trip to Delphi. Hellenic island trips to Hydra, Poros and Aegina. A trip to the hub of the world is one of the most classic day trips in Athens. Full day Hydra, Poros and Aegina cruise with lunch. Full day Meteora trip by train.

Best day trips from Athens

Is this your opportunity to discover the landscape and the many other Greek gems? These are some of the best day trips to choose from when you are in Athens. A trip to the hub of the globe is one of the most classical day trips in Athens.

Delphi, one of the most important places in Greece's rich historical heritage, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, home of the temple of Apollo and the oracle of Delphi. A day excursion to Delphi will include a tour of the site and the Delphi Archaeological Museum, which exhibits intriguing artifacts such as the Sphinx of Naxos.

This all-day small group trip to Delphi, Arachova and Saint Lucas Monastery is complete. Immerse yourself in antique archeology with a trip to Delphis Archaeology and its museums, where you can discover antique artifacts. Have you seen the Acropolis and walked around Plaka - why not to the miracles of the Peloponnese?

A day excursion to the undulating side of the Peloponnese, where you can discover the Shrine of Asklepios in Epidaurus and the small village of Mycenae, an old centre of Greece's civilisation, where the mythic Agamemnon is grave. In addition, the route will stop in the enchanting village of Nafplio.

This half day outing to Corinth is for you. Visit the archeological site of antique Corinth, where the Peloponnese meet the continent, and drive past the Corinth Canal to admire the magnificent view of the Saronic Gulf - the prefect stop for a vacation in Athens. From Athens, the final outing can be made in half a day by cruising along the Athenian Riviera before arriving at the magnificent temple of Poseidon on Cape Sounio.

An old cult site overlooking the ocean and offering stunning vistas over the Saronic Gulf. Leaving the hectic pace of Athens, this full day trip takes you on a journey by rail to the Meteora cloisters. Included in the trip is entrance to two publicly accessible convents and a description of the reason why they were constructed there and the monastery lifestyle on these rock.

If you are under pressure of the clock, this trip to Hydra is an excellent day to flee the city. Located less than two hrs from the port of Piraeus, visitors can explore the vibrant little isle of Hydra, a busy and characterful place and a favourite place for inspired art.

As there is no motorbike or motorbike permitted, the isle is ideal for those who want to be actively involved and walk around the area. This day excursion to Nemea, a land known for its centuries-old winegrowing traditions, combines a passion for the past with great wines. Visit Nemea Antique to visit the Nemean Games venue arena, find out more about this old custom (which has recently been revived) and then visit a nearby vineyard.

On a visit to Athens, many overlook the fact that the country surrounding the capitol is full of antique gems, including the Temple of Artemis in Brauron (also known as Vravona). This place was an important part of the Greek religion of the Athenians, as the divine Artemis was the guardian of the birth.

When you have visited the village and the local history centre, explore the coastal city of Porto Rafti and unwind on the sea before going to the resort. Nemea, situated in a green Peloponnesian hillside, has an old winemaking traditions. For every connoisseur and connoisseur of wines, a personal guided itinerary of the Peloponnese vineyards is a great way to explore two of the many vineyards in the region by discovering the winemaking process and tastings.

Returning to Athens, you will visit Corinth to see the remains of this old town, once a competing city-state of Athens, where St. Paul was preaching the Second Coming.

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