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We' d like to make a day trip to one of the neighbouring islands. About Aruba Tours, Tickets, Activities & Activities. ATV tour with natural swimming pool. Sailing catamaran Aruba with snorkelling. Champagne Aruba breakfast and lunch cruise with snorkeling.

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I and my fiance are planning our lukewarm retreat in Aruba next April. We' d like to make a day excursion to one of the neighbouring isles. Somebody can give me advice on which I should choose and what I should do? I' d say a day out to Curacao would be the best.

It is a very brief journey; I did a great deal of research 2 years ago and wanted to take my man by surprise with a journey to his Aruba birthdays. In Curacao I voted with J. for 9 days in October and remained to the Marriott.

A great place if you like diving or snorkeling. Only last year they ceased to fly from Bonaire to Curacao. You didn't inform us that you no longer went to Bonaire. We got beached on Curacao (we only knew that at the airfield for our flight), we lost our whole sojourn on Bonaire (because they did this to hundred of travellers).

I wouldn't go on a day tour with IMHO. You really have so little free travel between arrivals at the airport that it's not worth it. It is more natural to stay 1 - 3 days on another holiday if you are going away for more than a surcharge.

I' d choose Curacao. Whilst Curacao offers great scuba opportunities, you cannot travel within 24 hours of your scuba diver, so a day excursion is not possible. When we were in Curacao, we had a couple of Flemish mates. You knew the isle well and could meet us at the beach, sea aquarium, etc. at the Aiport.

I' d make an over-night stay, but would avoid a day excursion with about 4 hrs shuttle times between trips........

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