Day Trip to Tangier

Excursion to Tangier

If you consider whether a day trip to Tangier, Morocco, is worthwhile, there are some serious advantages and disadvantages. The ferries run every two hours from Tarifa to Tangier Ville, seven times a day in high season. Enjoy the charm of Tangier on a day trip from Seville. Discover the historical medina and go to the caves where the god Hercules is said to have slept. Tanger, Morocco, is a worthy rural destination, but if you need to escape from the city, here are a few day trips to consider.

A day trip to Tangier, Morocco, is it rewarding?

One of the most appreciated excursions for many visitors in southern Spain is a day trip to Tangier, Morocco. Well and I reserved our trip through a regional tourist office in Rota, Spain. We had a trip by boat from Tarifa, Spain to Tangier, a sightseeing coach trip through the Tangier region, luncheon in a typical Tangier restaurants and a sightseeing walk.

If you consider whether a day trip to Tangier, Morocco, is worthwhile, there are some serious advantages and disadvantages. This is the overview if you are considering this trip: Overlooking the Moroccan Atlas mountain range from the boat and the journey to Tangier is spectacular and a wonderful reminder you will never ever get over.

Con: Tangier is not the most beautiful town in Morocco and many people who come here never want to get back into Morocco. That was the case with our travel ing group and with our traveling group. When you plan a trip to Marrakech in the near distant past, you can jump over the day trip to Tangier.

It is your chance to be like Lawrence of Arabia, even if you are travelling with a large group of travelers and are just guided around in a small group, with many of them taking pictures in a circus-like atmospher. We never had a chance to have a cup of tea in a café (you could have one at dinner, which was good, but again a big place to eat with the travel company).

This is a great occasion to buy all types of spice from Morocco, one of the most characteristic products associated with Morocco. Traders are following you the whole day after dinner (if the route goes very downhill). They will not want to deal with the traders, even if you are interested in their articles.

Maybe you will miss your planned Moroccan boat and the following coach service from Tarifa to Cádiz. We were brought back by the leaders belatedly after they left us in a small side road for a last bombing of the warriors. One group of us failed to catch our boat and had to await the next one for another 2 hour, which meant that some of us had to miss their "inclusive" coach service and were out of their pockets for transportation.

When you want to spend a restful day in Morocco, don't do it. The possibilities of buying bottled waters were uselessly outdated. The price demanded by road dealers and the rug manufacturer is at least 400% too high. We' ve received a few miscellaneous criticisms about the exploration of Tangier without a travel group.

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