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Lunch at Tous les Jours Dimanche. The city of Lille is a perfect day-trip city. La M - Lille Métropole Museum of Modern Art, Contemporary Art and Art brut. Bus trips from Kent, European day trips to France and Belgium, Bruges, Sluis, Lille, Le Touquet, Paris, De Panne. but Lille looked very interesting (and beautiful).

to do 11 beautiful things in Lille, France on a day trip

Are you looking for something to do in Lille, France? Each year Dad and I try to plan at least one trip together and last year we agreed to go on a day trip to Lille. I had only bought once in Lille, France, but that wasn't downtown, so I made a hit listing of things I wanted to do in Lille and put them on a Google card from Lille that I could easy get to with my mobile device.

Do you want to go on Lille sight-seeing with me? If you were borne in the town, you are the centre of the old town of Lille. Pubs and diners surrounding the place make it an ideal place to observe humans. It was our first stop during our day trip in Lille and it is a great starting point, as you can - as in many main places - discover the whole centre from here.

It is a XVII-XII centuries house consisting of 24 buildings of the same type, constructed around an inner area. You' ll find the Lille Oper on the Place du Théâtre. It is one of the symbols, like operas all over the globe, that can be seen in travel guides in Lille.

The old town of Lille is ideal for shops. In the last place you will also find the Lille Tourism Office if you would like to receive a Lille Tourism Card or have any queries. when I was looking for restaurants in Lille.

See more ratings for Tous les Jours Dimanche. ýCommon Lille things to do and Aux Merveillieux (67 Rue de la Monnaie) was the place to get them, so I did it! There is nothing unusual to see here, but it is a beautiful place and near all the roads of the old town, so you can take a look around. is in the centre of a large garden, but cannot be seen.

One can see the structure from afar, and go far around the high ramparts, but it is still a no-go area for both local and tourist use. The Lille Zoo is in the same parc and is also a fair for the young. A little outside the garden you can stroll through the Jardin Vauban or the Fine Arts Centre of Lille is a rather imposing structure, but when we were there, the façade was not seen due to an activity on the plaza in front of the school.

Due to its dimensions, the Louvre is often referred to as France's second and first. So if you are a connoisseur of the arts and wonder what he will see in Lille, France, this is the one. It was something I found quite unique, as the other bows I saw in Europe in Berlin, Paris and Barcelona were all quite "open".

Opposite the Porte de Paris there is also here in Belgium something we know: a bell tower. Bell towers are characteristic of Belgium and the northern part of France, and the bell tower of Lille can be visited from the Town Hall at Place Augustin Laurent. It is possible to reach the top of the bell tower at 104 metres to get a panorama of the town.

It is also the highest vantage point in Lille. During the Middle Ages, Lille belonged to the county of Flanders. "Because Lille also has a name from Holland, "Rijsel" from the time when it belonged to the county of Flanders, but that was long before the founding of the county of Belgium.

In 2004 Lille was European Capital of Culture. It has a fully automatic metro system. Lille" is derived from "L'Île", which means "island". It was built on a small islet in the depression of the Deûle. So if you are planning to visit many places of interest in Lille and use local transport, then take a look at the LilleCityPass.

You can buy the 24, 48 or 72 hour ticket. For more information about Lille with a tour leader, have a look at these two itineraries: the tour itinerary and the tour guide: Lille deserving a visit? Exactly how many nights in Lille? It was a rather brief trip for us and we could see all the important places of interest.

But we didn't really go to the store, we didn't go on a walk or go to a muse. And if you want to do these things during your stay in Lille and you want to go to the centre of the town at a slow speed, one day in Lille may not be enough. If this is the case, one could schedule a weekends in Lille or during the day when it is quieter in the centre (and in the stores ;-).

When you go to Lille and want to spend the night in a single room, the following three hotels offer different budget and style, but all are downtown and receive great ratings. For a surcharge, visitors can use the resort and leave their car near the resort by rail or in the chargeable local car parks.

The L'Arbre Voyageur Hôtel is a four-star establishment, just 5 minutes' walking distance from Lille Flandres station and 10 minutes' walking distance from Lille Europe station. So how do you get to Lille? Where' s Lille in France? The city of Lille is situated in the northern part of France, on the Belgian frontier and about 225 km from Paris.

It is the capitol of the Hauts-de-France and one of the largest French towns. The Lille-Lesquin International Lille International is only 10 km from the centre of the town and 20 min. by aerodrome shuttles. A further possibility is the flight to Paris Charles de Gaulle International Aerodrome (CDG). There are two railway stops in Lille:

From Lille Flandres station and Lille Europe station. This is the place where you can reach Lille by local rail from France or by high-speed from Paris. There you can take the Eurostar from Brussels or London to Lille or high-speed from France.

Due to the simple connections and the fast travelling times, London, Brussels and Paris are easily accessible by rail from Lille. Of course you can also go the other way round, for example for a day trip from Paris to Lille. Here you will find schedules, fares and rail fares for rail journeys within Europe.

From London, if you want to go on a day trip to Lille with Eurostar (or a longer trip, of course), look here for your ticket. Because it' only an hours and a half from Leuven. There' s enough garage space near the old town, so before we left the city we looked for one on Google Maps and put this location in the GP.

Hopefully this article has given you a good impression of what you can see in Lille in one day and has also made you interested in the city.

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