Day Trip to Lanai

Excursion to Lanai

The one-hour cruise offers great views of the islands and in winter you are likely to see humpback whales and acrobatic spinner dolphins all year round. From Lahaina the ferry departs five times a day and makes the same number of return trips. Lahaina has several ferries daily. My husband and I are planning a day trip on the Lanai passenger ferry to Lanai. Begin the day with a day trip through Lanai on board the luxurious sailing catamarans of the Trilogy.

One-Day Excursion (not Snorkelling) - Lanai Forum

We' re on a day trip to Lanai while we're on Maui. No sailing trip (although I did not exclude this to 100%), but the half-day trip to the isle. Looks like the logistic is if we take the 9:15 and return at 4:30. That' really a whole day in my textbook, but a half-day trip.

When the trip takes 3.5 - 4 hrs, it looks like you are returning to the jetty to discover the shore or to Sweetheart Rock. Is this the choice of the two?

Lanai Day Trip - Lanai Forum

We' ve made almost all our plans for our one weeks in Maui and one in Kauai. Lots of work is done by TA boards and proposals and I am so grateful for everyone. This way we have one thing that we are plotting and studying, but that we do not yet have.

Me and my missus are going on a day trip to Lanai. We' ve booked our trip by boat and a 4-wheeler-Jeeep. We have from 8 am to 6 pm to discover this wonderful isle. I have my own picture. I'm in the story. We' re just worried about the travel times to and from various sights - Munro Iceland (which we've been told is shut, but unable to confirm), Sweetheart Rock, Shipwreck Beach, etc..

Do you have an "order" where you can see these nice parts of Lanai? I' ve also realized that there really aren't many places to eat on Lanai. Why take a day trip to Lanai? I' ve been reading the risks of riding and I' m conscious of these doubts.

Lanai Day Trip - Lanai Forum

You can also take the boat and go snorkeling on the beach of Hulopo'e (where the trilogy goes). It' only a 10 minutes walking distance from the boat-station. It is a much less expensive $60/person round trip alternative. Maui snorkeling equipment must be hired from Maui, as there is none on Lana'i.

You can also search for cetaceans ( "in season") and sharks from the boat, with the difference that the boat does not get out of the way to look better. You can also find great tide swimming areas around the beaches. Or take a 5-minute stroll to the Four Seasons Manele Bay Resort and see the great art and magnificent landscaped grounds.

The Ocean Grill offers a great view, although it is quite pricey. You can also take a picknick and eat directly on the shore. Situated at the pier for all ferries to Manele Bay, it will stop at the Lana'i Hotel in Lana'i City (from where you can visit the small city - lunches and shopping and galleries) and ends at the Lodge in Koele.

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