Day Trip to Dover

Excursion to Dover

The visit to these cliffs has been on my list since I moved to London last year. Sadly, it is a very steep walk from Dover to the cliffs. Maps and information for a day trip from London to Dover. There are wheelchair access to attractions such as Dover Castle, the Dover Museum and White Cliffs. An all-day tour from London to discover the treasures of Kent, including visits to Leeds Castle, Canterbury Cathedral, Greenwich and the White Cliffs of Dover.

Visit the White Cliffs of Dover on a day trip from London!

Dove is a seaport in the south of England with some very iconsque ledges..... Dover's Crags. The visit to these rocks has been on my agenda since I moved to London last year. But I was also waiting for a beautiful day in June.... quite fiddly when the UK is infamous for being evil!

I' d uploaded the Dover sunshine to my mobile and checked it until a Friday in August when I realized that it would actually be sunday. So, I reserved my rail passes - 31. 80 Kings Cross/St Pancras to Dover Priory returning with Southern Eastern and by the payment of 31. 80 instead of 26. 00 I was able to get back on the express rail which only lasts 1 hour 5 mins instead of 2h!

I would suggest this day trip and you will see more of the area around Kent and Canterbury if you do not want to travel by rail and alone from London to the White Cliffs of Dover and would rather go on an organized trip with a tour-driver! On a sunny Sunday am I got on the bus, I wasn't the only one who went for a walk.

We were driving through London Curtunnel into the deep of Kent before I knew it. I' ve been hearing a few things about Dover as a place to live and I can say that it's nothing out of the ordinary, it's quite small with many stores, a very British place that could do with a face-lift, but fortunately after you arrive at Dover Priory railway terminal, you only have to drive through the centre very briefly until you get to the coastline and the bath.

It'?s the railway depot. The city is made more beautiful by fishing! I' m saying'beach' because it's a rocky shore and only very small with a vast number of apartments with a Premier Inn behind it, but I would suggest you go down here to begin your stroll, because if you look out to the ocean on a beautiful day, you could be anywhere in the atlantic!

Dover's Strand! I walked up the sidewalk from the Marine Parade, A. K., the shore, to the harbour and the levee and across the highroad. That path then began to tilt and confirm that I was on my way to the crags.

The first part of the hike is on foot a long side of it, but it is pretty interesting to see all the yachts and the rush under you. Have a look at the size of the harbour! The Dover Castle in the distant. You' ll find Dover Castle to your right.

but in retrospect, I hear I should probably have a pretty chilly fortress, the War Tunnels are also a favourite place for those who come to Dover as part of their day. But if you are just there for the stroll as I was, just keep going up the path.

I really liked the fact that the trail is quite a bit different on this hike, you can go along the coastline for most of the hike, or along a marked trail, or even along the small alleys that line the coastline from further back. There' s also a National Trust Visitors' Center at the beginning of the stroll, if you want any information, but I just walked past the harbour until I really began to see these so popular White Cliffs!

Prepare to run! When you don't want to travel by train and alone from London to the Whit Cliffs of Dover and would rather go on an organized trip with a tour leader, I suggest this day trip - Whitewater Cliffs of Dover and Canterbury Day Trip! The South Forelandighthouse is a good place for hiking and you can't miss it because it is a beautiful leghthouse.

There is a tea room named Mrs. Knotts and a beautiful grass for sitting and relaxing. I' d think many folks would use this point as a turning point because it took me a little over an hours to get from the harbour on foot, but I chose to go a little further.

If you want a real British teahouse adventure, you've come to the right place! You will be taken away from the shore this times, as there is privately owned land lining the shore (fortunately!), so you have to go down a small alley, but before you know it, there is a gateway and you can go back to the shore and see all the way to the next city - St. Margarets Bay.

Then I went down to the city, thinking it would be good to see the shore. It is not a very beautiful place, but it is a good place to eat, use the free open toilet and take a break. I' ve been to The Pine Gardens Tea Room for dinner, it's just a little off the shore and it's been really beautiful.

Then it was customary to begin the way back. Of course, the stroll was just as nice on the way back and I spend some of my leisurely moments relaxing on the sidelines, although it was quite frightening! I am so happy that there are no obstacles on the coastline as it would destroy them, but at the same moment I am amazed that some folks come so near the brink and it is a long way down!

Took me about 2 h to get back to Dover, I think you can take a coach from St. Margaret's City. On my way back through the city, I hurried to take the express back to London, and within anhour I had been back in the bustle of London, asking myself if these rocks and the shining ocean were all just a fantasy!

I' ve seen so many relatives and mates picnicking on the lawn next to the rocks, so I just hopefully can go back another day and do the same, because the views are so incredibl... You can see France on a clear day and it's quite nice to see all the giant ships sailing in and out of the harbour.

I suggest one of these day excursions from London and you will get to see much more of the area around Kent if you do not want to travel by train and alone from London to the White Cliffs of Dover and prefer an organized tour with a tour leader!

If you want to see my trip to Dover, look at my vlog!

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