Day Trip to Amsterdam

Excursion to Amsterdam

The Broek in Waterland "small town of Holland" Zaanse Schans. View beyond Amsterdam to a one-day Dutch excursion. Sightseeing Tours in the Netherlands. Are you looking for activities beyond Amsterdam? One-day excursion ideas are easy to reach by train from Amsterdam.

View the best of Amsterdam in one day

We took use of the unusual nice wheather last week-end and made a day trip to Amsterdam. As we knew we wanted to go exploring the channels - this is a must in Amsterdam, so we reserved our channel trip in advanced. As we hadn't been to Amsterdam for years, I researched what we could do in Amsterdam in one day and found good advise.

But I had to study a book of papers and seven different web sites before I had a somewhat workable route with the best things you can do in Amsterdam if you only have one day time. This is my no-nonsense leader on the best things to see and do in Amsterdam in one day.

You will find some proposals at the end of the article on what you can see and do in and around Amsterdam if you have more free to do. The center of Amsterdam is not very big, so you can see and do a great deal in one day. Discover the best things you shouldn't miss, even if you only have one day in Amsterdam.

I' ve designed this card to give you a better understanding of where all these places are and to help you better organise your day in Amsterdam. Amsterdam has many channels, but if you only have one day, there are three major channels not to miss: They were all excavated in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries during the Golden Age and encircled by some of the most attractive of Amsterdam's finest old-timers.

The Brouwersgracht is another channel that is well deserved a walk. it would be a channel trip. If you are going to Amsterdam for a day or a whole weeks, don't miss it! Irrespective of how much you explore on feet, seeing the town from a motorboat offers a very different view.

There are innumerable possibilities when it comes to Amsterdam channel cycling. The best way to prevent disappointments and long lines was to explore and reserve the channel tour in advanced. In fact, it did save us a lot of work and we got exactly what we were expecting. BecomeYourGuide supported the Amsterdam Channel Tour for our extended Amsterdam families, so that we could exchange our experiences first-hand with the search and reservation of trips via their website.

GettYourGuide has more than 30,000 different cultural events around the world, and to give you an impression - over 100 tours of the Amsterdam canals. We made it to our ship in good timeframe. TIP: If you travel to the Netherlands in high seasons, I strongly recommend that you make an appointment for your channel trip in advanced.

That is especially the case when you have little free day to see the best of Amsterdam. Don't miss the channel tour! Don't miss Damrak - the big alley towards Amsterdam Central Station, which houses the former trading house, the Beurs van Berlage and some other historical monuments that you often see on Amsterdam's post cards.

The dam square with the Royal Palace is one of the most famous places in Amsterdam. It doesn't take much at all to get here (unless you go to the palace), but it would be inconceivable not to come here when you go to Amsterdam. The Begijnhof is a real jewel away from the busy centre of Amsterdam if you are looking for a more genuine adventure.

The small area is home to a small temple, historical buildings and one of the two pristine timber buildings in Amsterdam. Don't wait to be alone - it's as much loved by the tourist as the city. If you don't plan to buy cathedrals, the Amsterdam floatin' florist is a must.

It doesn't take much but it' a funny place to take some colorful photos. There are many Amsterdam sightseeing spots, but to be honest, it is hard to go to one of them if you only have one day in the town. When you want to see one of the most popular museum like the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum or the Anne Frank House, choose one that interests you most and reserve your ticket in advanced (Anne Frank House concerts can only be bought directly).

It is not really a good idea to wait two hour in the Anne Frank Haus if you only have one day in Amsterdam. If you don't have enough free space to go to the Rijksmuseum, it's still a good idea to take a stroll just to see the lovely edifice. And, of course, you should not miss the I Amsterdam plaque on the back of the school.

In 2005 it became a new symbol of the town and a mandatory stop for many people. The Jordaan is a delightful area if you want to get a feeling for an genuine Amsterdam far away from masses of people and touristic attraction. There''s no place to go and no deadline to be in.

If you really don't have much to do, I suggest you put away the card and discover the maze of alleys with stores, picturesque cafés and cafés and houses with cosy courtyards.... You can jump over Jordaan if you really don't have much free space, or you can go there for dinner. De Negen Straatjes are the old cobblestone roads that link the major channels between Leidsegracht and Raadhuisstraat.

It is easy to discover these small roads together with the channels. The area is known for stand-alone shops, especially shops and wine shops. It is a completely different purchasing event than the major Kalverstraat supermarket with large chains of shops. It is not my favorite area of Amsterdam, but the red light district with its coffee shops and windows provstitution is a one of a kind place in the whole wide globe and therefore definitely a place to be.

But if you want to see the real side of the red light district, it's probably best to go there in the afternoons. In the evenings, if your limbs are still not raw, go back to the channels. Buildings and the bridge are so beautifully illuminated. When you want to get the most out of both of them ( "see the channels and rescue your legs" in the evening), why not take an eveningscruise!

This is the best thing about Amsterdam in a few words - things you can see and do in Amsterdam in one day. When you have more free day, you can go to some of the world-class galleries, hire a bicycle or take a walk in one of the many gardens, or take a day trip from Amsterdam and see more from the Netherlands.

However, the roads of the town are so full of bicycles and humans that even expert cyclists find it difficult to find their way around. Keep as near as possible to the center of town. Here you will find the best offers for accomodation in Amsterdam. Unless you have to, you can't get to Amsterdam by road.

Coming from Belgium we went to Amsterdam for only one day and the parking lot was 50 EUR. Once again, Amsterdam is one of the most congested travel destination in Europe. If you are going on day tours or outings, it is best to make an appointment in advanced - this will spare you a lot of work.

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