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Newest tweets from The Daily Courier (@ForestCityTDC). Browse the historical pages of The Daily Courier. is an independent daily newspaper published in Grants Pass, Oregon, USA. Receive instructions, reports and information for Daily Courier Newspaper in Grants Pass, OR. Everyday courier obituaries and obituaries for Connellsville Pennsylvania area.

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Western Newspapers produces both printed and on-line issues of The Daily Courier with stories and opinion from The Daily Courier locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. As well as the main edition in Prescott, Arizona, ancillary issues are released throughout the county of Yavapai, which includes Prescott Valley, Chino Valley and Camp Verde.

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Kyelovna Daily Courier Proprietor says Gazette does not go anywhere, despite lay-offs, sales signs on city center offices

Kelowna Daily Courier offices are for sales, but the proprietor says the paper isn't going anywhere. Kelovna - David Radler, major shareholder of the Kelowna Daily Courier, says the paper's prospects are bright, despite the city centre sales signs and recent editorial lay-offs.

"It is not at stake now, nor will it be in 20 years' time," said Mr Vancouver -based Cyclist. This 1.65 hectare property was offered for $12.7 million at the real estate agent NAI Commercial Okanagan for purchase and is divided into a high-rise building with up to 12 floors.

Mr Cradler called the quotation and the possible disposal "exploratory" without any guarantee of results. HeĀ said continental newspapers that possesses the daily courier has no need to be selling, but would consider it given the right bid. In the event of a deal being closed, Mr Steinmeier said the business had already been considering the possibility of moving its newspapers, even if this was not self-evident.

"The assumption that we sell the property today does not mean that we have to depart tomorrow," said Mr Cyclist, and added that a re-rent agreement with a new property holder is also an option. In addition to the Daily Courier, Continental Newspapers has the Penticton Herald and the Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal in Ontario. Speculations about the Daily Courier's futures were fuelled at the beginning of the months by the dismissals of two editors-in-chief, with only seven trade unions and one part-time editor-in-chief remaining.

In Unifor commune 2000 we mourn the dismissals of Gary Nylander and Grant Jones on January 11. If you would like to report this history, send an e-mail to John McDonald or call 250-808-0143 or send an e-mail to the publisher. Should you have any doubts about what you see in the commentaries, send an e-mail to the editors via the above mentionedĀ links.

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