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It' the cutest town on Long Island's North Fork. You will find charming city life and small town charm here in the Lake George Area. The New York Forums - Finger Lakes Forum. Out of Cooperstown, Otsego County is filled with a variety of charming towns and villages worth a visit. I' ve been told by many people to look at Upstate New York.

Oversight cities near NYC that you need to attend

It' s no mystery that a great remedy to a long working week is a small charming place with a great grocery & drinks atmosphere and some strange celebrities. Whilst there are many large getaways outside the cityscape, these 10 small towns near NYC have somehow evaded discovery, which means you can spend a week-end free of people and cost.

Be it relaxing on a remote Jersey coast or making a great bite to eat in Tri-State Town USA, each of these picturesque tri-state area resorts is less than three hrs away from the town, but couldn't have felt further away from home. As" Trut Town USA" for five of America's best brooks (like the sacred Beaverkill River), Roscoe gives your escaped souls a much -needed restart with its cosy environment and surprising peculiarities.

There is an empty chateau, a railroad and you can stay overnight on an alpacafarm. Serve your stomach with Roscoe Diner's and Rolling River Café's Bavarian Knödel before you visit the Roscoe Beer Company, Prohibition Distillery and Catskill Brewery. Roscoe has a fishing call to keep non-anglers in check (downtown is like a huge bass pro shop), the cultural scene is nothing, and although you can take the Port Authority direct to Roscoe by public transport ($74 round trip), the area is not easily explored without a vehicle.

Waterside diners like Bahrs Landing and Windansea - where the tiki bars resemble a piece of Miami without the glamour and Zika - provide a view as great as the cuisine. You' ll encounter local people along the car-free coastal cycle tracks who still think their city is Jersey's best kept secrets (sorry).

Enjoy a barbecue with views of the stunning panoramas of Sandy Hook, Raritan Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Take a boat trip with the Connecticut River Museum or take a river boat and engine trip back in history with the Valley Railroad Company. Anatolia just got its first this-could-be-Brooklyn bistro in July (make this its first Bistro ever), so don't expect the city to become far more than this gateway you cross on one of your hinterland street voyages.

Benedict Rive Gauche's Egg is just one of many "a-ha moments" you'll find in this artful under-the-radar village on the western shore of the Hudson River. This small city on Long Island Sound is home to the world's first ever heli climb and offers the charms of the sea, but it's the sudden eating scenery that makes Stratford so thrilling.

Do you have a sun downer and seafood taco at the Outriggers Restaurant or one of the best Biagio Osteria dishes you've had for some time to spare space for a dounut? Make it into a case of Crazy's stuff. To take a hard dosage of Hudson Valley historical charms without all the Brooklynized claim, take a stroll down Tivoli's blink-and-you'll-miss-it Hauptstraße.

The cool atmosphere, the trekking suitable meals and the picturesque location close to favourite places - from art places like Olana to the relatively busy towns of Red Hook and Rhinebeck - make it a unique place that will not keep its untouched splendour for long. Having walked New Jersey's most compacted main street and visited the Red Mill Museum - above a cascade and one of the most frequently pictured structures in America - have a luncheon in the Green Plate Kitchen and an icicle at J.J. Scoops and enjoy a lofty aftnoon to explore the recreational area of Spruce Run on a stand-up canoeboard.

There may be a Rubber Ducky Race on the Raritan River that leads through downtown, subject to when you drive. To try the best barbecue in the state, order your breast and macro & cheeses from The Real Deal barbecue family. Stonington was founded in 1649 and offers a new level with its well-preserved series of historical houses, waterhole like Breakwater and Dog Watch Cafe and colourful dishes with refreshing meals in almost every local eatery (we are interested in Milagro Café's Café's Café's Ceviche und Fisch-Tacos).

Take home a few tins of Dogs & Boats, a twin India Pale Ale with Citra and mosaic hop, from Beer'd Brewing Co, the best small artisan brewer in Connecticut. You' ll be the only visitor in this city that could become a West movieset with its colourful colonial-style outbuildings.

Fill up on a full tank of tubing on the Delaware River and cycle the countless roofed footpaths and picturesque paths with a quick pile of bananashell pancake at Frenchtown Cafe and classical US cuisine on the veranda at Frenchtown Inn. Situated between the busy cities of Bethlehem and New Hope, Frenchtown is overlooked.

Even if you're not on two-wheelers, the historic landmarks of the city and state of Nantucket are full of gastronomic delights that are well deserved, from the Otto Pizza, which is right up there with Pepe's, to River Tavern's stripe steam edible steaks and candies. Use the Connecticut River to visit the mediaeval Gillette Castle State Park Castle, the nearest to you to live your imagination of throne play.

Register here for our NYC e-mail every day and be the first to get all the eating, drinking and entertainment New York has to offer.'s New York-based author and co-founder Lauren Matison listens to "shame, schame, shame, shame" to uncover these places.

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