Ctce Federal Credit Union

The Ctce Federal Credit Cooperative

Corporate CTCE Federal Credit Union Inc Research & Investment Information. The CTCE Federal Credit Union was a member of the CU$ network.

The Visions Federal Credit Union - Reading, PA at 800 Centre Avenue

Lecture - Centre Avenue Branch: : The Visions Federal Credit Union has been open since 1966. This credit cooperative has total net worth of $4.07 billion and provides bank advisory service to more than 192,000 members. 800 Centre Avenue at (800) 242-2614 or call the credit cooperative through one of these ways:

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Headquartered in London, News Visions Federal Credit Union (formerly CTCE) is not part of the CU$ or Allpoint ATM No Charges Cam.

The CTCE Federal Credit Union was a member of the CU$ group. With the merger to form Visions Federal Credit Union, however, their cash dispensers are no longer free of surcharges. Visions FCU members who use Visions credit card can use their cash dispensers at no extra charge. You can find the closest free ATM available to you as a Discovery member at www.cudollar.org or www.allpointnetwork.com.

Check the CU$ or Allpoint ATM logo to see if it is a free ATM for Discovery members.

The Visions Federal Credit Union merges with CTCE Federal Credit Union

Both credit cooperatives are to be merged on 1 December and will trade under the name Visions Federal Credit Union. There will be 34 offices in parts of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, nearly $3.3 billion in property and more than 171,000 members. CTCE's offices will stay open.

"Not only will this fusion opportunities give our members better resource accessibility in Pennsylvania, but will also allow us to expand within the Pennsylvania area, while offering CTCE members better tariffs, better choice of products and extra services," said Visions President and CEO Tyrone Muse. Headquartered in the city of Reading, CTCE was established in 1970 to assist the staff and family of Carpenter Technology Corp.

Throughout the years, the number of members has grown to the larger viewing communities and many selected working-groups.

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