Cromwell Manor Inn

Country Inn Cromwell

Manor Inn Cromwell - 22 pictures & 11 reviews - Bed & Breakfast - 174 Angola Rd, Cornwall, NY - Telephone number Mine bf and I came during MLL Week-end for a little escape (FYI they had an astonishing deal fo one overnight free during this weekend!). It' very cosy and neat - believe all the good review you've seen here, b&b. com, and everywhere else! This host is extremly charming and supportive.

So the landlord phoned my bf (as the reserves were under his name) to handle the streetways up there. It astonished us and even more surprising when we went there that it was quite good (and the view was fantastic - we are already planing our way back and what places of interest we want to see).

Once we got in, we were met and greet by the hosts' friend (she was at an errand). The room is on the first level directly opposite the salon. It' has a en-suite bath room that is extremly intimate - you could scratch your brain over this, but the bath room was down a long corridor.

It is also worth noting when you book a room, some in the guesthouse do not have their own bath, but there is a "shared bathroom". It was an incredibly cosy quilt and cushion - that means a great deal to me, because I have a quilt and cushion and I'm really spoilt.

There was a very nice salon, dinning room and galley - I wish I had the opportunity to explore the other areas of the house/guesthouse, but I think these rooms were occupied. There is a refrigerator, running cold running tap running down the floor, a kettle of freshly brewed freshly brewed chocolates and a snack bar in the guests canteen.

There was a fantastic panoramic look to the hinterland in the dinning room - it was wonderful. Though there were also open-air eating areas, unfortunately it was damp (because it had been raining earlier) and it was freezing (hello - still winter). Both my bf and I plan to come back when there is better wheather to research it.

We were told by the landlord that the best time to come back is when the city has a feast of springs, so we plan to return then or in autumn. If the critics said that it was too bad for your health or too cute, I think they were just whining - if you didn't like it, don't have it or ask for something else.

In any case, I suggest to stay at CMI, because it was very attractive, the hostess and her family/friends were very supportive and made things comfortable, and the facility is simply wonderful!

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