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The Wrentham police need your help to solve the secret of the lack ing British police force Knox. In general, we don't write about losing pets,..... but this tale has a curious turn that indicates that it might be, well....more about the tale. That prodigal canine belongs to former N.E. Patriot Jerod Mayo and his ancestors.

We post because the circumstance is a bit enigmatic, unlike the usual dogs case wasted, and we think someone out there can help. Yesterday evening around 8pm, the Wrentham police were summoned to Joe's Rock, the nature reserve on 1500 West Street, to cover a missing canine.

A Cranston RI coach, who works for a Providence-based company, accompanied Knox and another one. At one point while taking care of the other dog's needs, the coach just dropped the trail of Knox and then....Knox disappeared. Coach summoned the cops, the cops reacted, the area was raided, but no trace of Knox.

Weird because we are said that English Bulldogs are not the runner, shortsteps, poor heart, so even if Knox walked, the anticipation was that he would be found quickly. He was found relatively quickly after Knox disappeared, a jump and a jump from where he was last seen, right outdoors, on the way.

It is not an usual necklace, it is an "E-Collar", a bigger than usual necklace, basically an electronical dog collars for schooling. Necklace was in perfect state. Not a single piece of hair or hair was found near the neck and you could hear no noise, no snarling, no screaming, no barking that you would have expected if Knox fell victim to another being.

That means the cops have little to do. No Knox. Then you' re gonna have to help us find Knox. He out in the forest somewhere in Wrentham or beyond? Has he been kidnapped by an invisible alien who accidentally tracked him down, quickly took off Knox's neck and escaped with him?

Someone followed the coach to Wrentham of Cranston RI, where Knox was coached. Do you think he could be back in the Cranston area? Wrentham P.D., help find Knox. Wrentham and Cranston links. When you see him, call Wrentham PD at 508-384-2121.

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