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Hudson office opened by Royal Credit Union

On April 7, the full-service offices opened on an area of 2,900 square meters on the intersection of Carmichael and Hanley Road, formerly used by Eagle Valley Bank. "We are thrilled to be here at last," said Matt Hall, who was hired by another Hudson finance institute to head the new Ricu subsidiary.

It is the credit cooperative's twenty-fifth branch based in Eau Claire, where it was founded 50 years ago to service staff of a now enclosed Uniroyal tyre-factory. As the Eagle Valley Bank left Hudson, the cooperative saw the possibility of renting an agency in a more centrally located area.

Mr Hall said RCU members who used the credit union's River Falls, Somerset and New Richmond bureaus, but find it more comfortable to do businesses in Hudson, are particularly pleased with the new one. It' s exciting," Hall said. There are new members who have joined the credit cooperative. The Hudson subsidiary is a full-service bureau offering everything you would want from a bank - cashier and ATM drive-through options, retail and commercial credit, mortgage, investment and pension schemes.

"We' ve got a local Mortgage Officer. There is a local credit clerk and a finance advisor," reports Hall. Mr Hauser is the Mortgages Administrator, Mr Scott Jones the commercial loans office, and Mr Monique Villeneuve is selling the investments, which include shares and debt. LivingĀ in Hudson, Jones made contact here while working in the River Falls and New Richmond office, Hall said.

Hudson may seem "overwhelmed", Hall admits, but he thinks there is a chance for a new Hudson in the face of his growing career. Plus, credit unions are different from the banks in that they are obsessed by members, he said. Said that possession is mirrored in lower charges and higher interest rates for saving than is the case with many credit institutes.

It has a contemporary, open atmosphere - and the latest bank technologies. "We try to be as high-tech as possible," Hall said. Automated tills in drive-through mode receive cheques and currency without handling and make immediate payments and outpayments. "The ATM essentially functions as its own cashier," Hall commented.

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