Craigslist Ny Orange County Ny

The Craigslist Ny Orange County Ny

You live in Green County and looking for local work? STREVEN D. HATHAWAY -- the Madison County Man police said was behind the ad. Sentenced murderer may be linked to further murders in New York". This is Hourly &

live-in cases at Westchester & Putnam Counties.

According to Federal Reserve, NY man Craigslist Centrally Used Kik in Trying to Abuse Kid SEXTLY

in a Craigslist's informal encounters section last month." According to detectives, the ad was named "Young Woman Needed" and aimed at the area of Ithaca. According to the detectives, the man who placed the ad asked anyone who was interested in answering "sugar" with the rest of the word.

So when a 12-year-old maid called Madi, researchers said the soldier got out to Steven D. Hathaway -- the Madison County man cop said was behind the ad. A Department of Homeland Security detective described the discussion in a lawsuit against Hathaway at the U.S. District Court for the West District of New York.

"The soldier who impersonated Madi said, "Yes, I agree. "I' m living in Seneca Falls. "Hatshaway didn't stop her from speaking to Madi, said the detectives. An investigator said Hathaway spends several months trying to persuade the man he thought was a kid to give him naked photos. At the end of a months talks, he was driving over 60 leagues from his Madison County home to see "Madi" at a Burger King in Seneca Falls, detectives said.

Rather than meet Madi, detectives said Hathaway ran into the cops. Hathaway, 41, of DeRuyter, was detained on Friday by state and federal law enforcement. Discussion between the untercover Trooper and Hathaway began with the Craigslist ad, researchers said. After" Madi" had dressed two photographs of himself, Hathaway asked for a" naughty", said the detectives.

As Madi declared that she was worried that her grandmother would capture her, the detectives said that the accused wanted to buy her a cell telephone. In Seneca Falls, detectives said Hathaway purchased an iPhone and hid it in a snow-covered pocket for Madi in front of Tractor Supply. "Madi " said Hathaway found the telephone, said the detectives.

Then Hathaway told them to fetch Kik, an application that allows anonymous sending of anonymously, detectives said. It was Kik, said the detectives. and tried to get Madi to act sexual. Hashaway asked "Madi" if she would be home alone on Friday evening - and told her he wanted to see her in private, the detectives said.

Soldier raising as the kid consented to meeting Hathaway at Burger King and asked if he would buy their chips, researchers said. According to the detectives, Hathaway has consented. "Hathaway was apprehended at Burger King's house on Friday afternoons. He' had a beanie baby and an open case of johnnies, detectives said.

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