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To play together is a good way to become a better musician. Locate musicians in your region. I' m not looking for musicians on the craigslist anymore. In a Las Vegas newspaper, Dave Keuning was looking for musicians who love Oasis. Articles about Craigslist written by Amanda Lee Peers.

Find musicians to join in or join in (Update 2018)

They' re great, but nothing beats playin' with other musicians. If you want to start a group, work on inventive music or jamm. It' s very rewarding and enjoyable to play with other musicians. It is also one of the most efficient ways to become a better player. But it can be a little discouraging to find musicians, friends of jams or members of a group near you.

One could think: "I don't know any musicians" or "I'm not good enough". You will always find groups and musicians of all abilities who are looking for someone to work with or work with. So here are 22 ways to find musicians to join you or a group to join near you!

If you write a message, you should be clear about what you are looking for (drummer, bassist....) and name some styles or groups you like. Auditoriums often have a tiled partition with notes from groups looking for musicians. Red Hot Chili Peppers coverbands to standard playing combinations of music.

No matter if you want to take classes in a musical class, a musical productions course or group classes. Classes are a great way to meet musicians who are sharing your interests and working on the same things as you. I don't even need you to gamble. Simply interfere and speak to other people.

You will want to want to play more with others. Maybe this way you are meeting a prospective bandmate or someone who can imagine the right group. Instructors like to see that the pupils are enthusiastic about making it, so they will be glad to help.

There' s also a whole range of ways to find musicians without having to leave the home.

The Jamseek is for beginner or hobbyist who wants to study playing and playing instrument to find musicians to jamm, have a good time and study. That distinguishes them from other plattforms like Join-My-Band or Bands Mix, which includes (semi)-professional groups looking for bandmembers. Almost half of all our subscribers are located in London (around 2000, and rising), so if you are in London, you can be sure that there are many musicians who will actually use the application and respond to your post.

A website is under construction and Jamseek is planning to attract more visitors this year in Birmingham, Manchester. The Flint was made by two musicians with a common goal: to help you find musicians. It' configured like a chat application where both sides have to say yes, then you can post a message, exchange pictures and add your own album.

What makes it even better is that each of your profiles has a playbutton so you can instantly hear someone's soundtrack. There is no way to search for places as far as I could tell, so this application may be better for collaborating as a musician in your area. However, 80% of our customers are located in the USA, especially in San Diego, where the Flint staff is located.

Born in Brooklyn, most Hendrix residents are in New York City, although there are expanding populations in music towns throughout the United States. They are focused on qualitiy. "Musician' qualitiy of the music = qualitiy of the music. "Your match system gives priority to people who are more proactive and provide higher value experiences.

We are working on a match-making system to link musicians and locations, as well as other instruments to help musicians run their businesses as freelance performers and earn in-game. You' re scrolling through a profile like a date application, but your choice is entirely inspired by the sound you listen to. Simply sweep directly onto the tunes you liked and sweep over them.

It is available in English and German, but most people are located in France, where the application was made. The number of visitors has risen to 8000 since its launch a year and a half ago. It is available for the iPhone and Google Play Store.

Fleeber's missions are to help musicians in all matters. Of the search for bandmembers, over garages, shops, guitar builders, roadsies, event locations up to the sale of ticket for a music. They develop for both the web and cell phones to create the ultimative musical tools. In less than two years Fleeber has reached more than 63,000 registered customers, which is notable.

They are headquartered in Brazil, where they have the majority of their worldwide community, but also in the United States, Europe and the remainder of Latin America. Even if Fleeber does not only focus on the search for musicians, it could still be an interesting for you. Simply type in where you are living on your homepage and you know how many people there are!

There is Musolist since 2003, so it (one of the) longest run musician classified ad pages on the net. You have a large global fellowship of over 250,000 people, the largest in Australia, the UK and the US. Besides the search for musicians, it is also about assisting musicians to present their career.

One part of it is Musolist Radio, a day-to-day radio broadcast in which presenter Nick is playing musically featured in Musolist. So it' a great way to hear your tunes! The aim is to get more audiences to hear big "unsigned" groups and musicians by making it available in a trusted form.

Vampr is one of the newest applications to find musicians. It has a clear look and feel and is a quick detection (yes, like Tinder) that suggests prospective employees on the basis of your searching preference and, of course, your musical tastes. Approximately 40% of our customers are currently located in the United States, although they have customers in 175 different markets, and the number is growing.

The Vampr is available both as an iPhone application and on the Googleplaystore. Band Mix is perhaps the biggest net of on-line musicians with own websites for the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Ireland, France and Spain. There are over 12,000 musicians on site and they organize regular jams in the UK.

The Gumtree is a British classifieds site, but has a section that focuses on musician groups. Several thousand advertisements from musicians looking for either a group or a member of a group are published here every months. VolumeFriend is an application that focuses on locating musicians with your tastes and interests. While you can browse by musical genre, instruments and place, you can also use the "Best Match" feature.

Seems their primary U.S. users are located in the U.S., so if you are located there, this could be an interesting one. BedroomBands suddit was designed to gather musicians who write and record in their bedroom (A suddit dit is like a miniforum if you've never been to Reddit before.)

So, if you are working on a song but need a double bassist, vocalist or tubist, you can write a message here to find musicians who are interested in working together. The' Meetups' are organized for those who are interested in themes like guitars, song writing and us musicians. You can see there are Meetup sessions for musicians all over the globe, so if you want to meet some musicians in a relaxed atmosphere, take a look.

To play with others or to join a group is fun, but it's not without it. If you write with others instead of fighting, how can you maximize your creative powers? So what makes them think they have you in their group? What can you do about it?

I would also like to share your experience with these applications and if you have other ideas to find friends or members of a group.

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