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Husband, bound to craigslist ad on Lexington, deprived LEXINGTON, Ky. Cristopher Demar Rogers is accused of first-degree heist. The cops apprehended him Thursday in Red Mile and Broadway. Rogers responded to the charges on December 21, according to the law. The cops say Rogers then went to see a man who wrote it.

Legal records say Rogers attacked the victims after he went to the victim's home.

that Rogers bound the body and put it in a cupboard. Victims said to the riot squad that the suspects then took the victim's car along with several hundred bucks in value of ownership. Cops say the subject was able to I. D. the subject in a photograph.

Have Rogers respond to robberies in a Fayette County court of law Friday.

Craigslist-based robbery on the uptake in Lexington

LEXINGTON, Ky. Nowadays, the purchase and sale of Craigslist articles is everyday, but how can we really know whether we are dealing with a customer or a thug? They may think you're getting a good deal or something less expensive than you get it in memory, but you can run into a hazardous situation," said Sherelle Roberts, spokesman for the Lexington Police Department.

Several shoppers in Lexington recently learnt the tough way when an ostensible salesman enticed them to an apartement building on the 300-block block of Elm Tree Lane in Lexington with sales pledges giving them an I-phone. "In the first raid on November 17, the crime occurred to give the victims cash for the telephone, but he was robbed," Roberts commented.

and he grabbed the body with a gun, took his cash and ran away. Only ten and a half day later, another Craigslist-related attack was announced on the same road. The two cases involved counterfeit Craigslist offers for I-telephones. To prevent such cases from becoming a casualty, the authorities suggest that the operation be carried out in a place that is open to the general population, especially a place with security camera equipment such as the grocer' s, the banking and even the policing office.

Executives recommend you keep an additional watch during this vacation period to make sure you don't become a Craigslist felon.

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