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Misssouri students penalized for placing college on Craigslist I was just trying to make an older trick. The Truman High School officers didn't laugh when they banished the pupil from his degree. Jokingly, Kylan Scheele, 18, put Truman High up for auction on Craigslist at a $12,725 deal. "Because I wanted it to be really low because folks were looking from the bottom up and I wanted it to be the first thing that showed up," Scheele said.

However, some who saw the station took it as a potential menace to the campus and covered it. As well as some conveniences, such as a new soccer pitch and a so-called "20+ room complex", his position also said: "The sales were due to the losses of college undergraduates.

"I' ve placed a innocent ad on Craigslist without talking about force, and because someone has distorted my words and concluded that I could do something to the college, they won't let me go at the closing ceremony," said Scheele. They all knew it was a gag. "But Scheele's stanchion guided schools officials and independence police in spending significant lessons tracing down the source," said Jana Corrie, the precinct's speaker.

Said the cops even wrote an E.S.U. summons to Craigslist. "We' ve established it wasn't a trustworthy threat," Corrie said. However, before this decision was made, she said some mothers feared that the academy was being targetted for possible abuse and withdrew their schoolchildren. Districts have never informed their parent of a threaten.

She said that Scheele is not the only pupil this year who was excluded from graduating because of a similar outbreak. Said the data protection legislation forbids her from disclosing more detail. Scheele's mom, Denetra Clark, said: "I think the local education authority has exaggerated this outrageously. "And when he found out that some saw the job as a menace, he "felt remorse," said Clark, a free-lance independent photography professional.

" Having investigated the Craiglist Post, independence police said they found no excuse to administer criminal charges. No. Sheeele made it on Friday. "You said they didn't think it was a real threat," Scheele said. "You giggled about it and said I should probably clear it up with the university.

" Sheeele said he went to the next morning to declare and apologise. For the remainder of the senior year he was postponed for three working nights and said he could not attend graduations this Saturday. "I' ve agreed to be relieved as long as they let me go to graduation," Scheele said.

I was never suspensioned, and the first tim I get into difficulties, I can't run at school-leaving. I' ve been waiting 13 years to run at prom. "Scheele also said that he and his folks spend $100 on his hat and dress and his closing ceremony invitation.

Scheele said he had also lost the retirement breakfasts. The degree is a unique learning time. "Pupils of Truman have so far gathered 1,400 supports for an on-line petroleum fuel cell competition "Let Kylan Scheele Walkway With His Grade at Graduation". Scheele's old trick is not uncommon.

Senior citizens at Auburn High High School in Rockford, Illinois, this year also said goodbye to their college by putting it up for selling on Craigslist. This job didn't seem to get her into any difficulty. He said he had the ideas of senior citizens of another college who said they planned to make an ad with a photo of their college and a caption, the said "prison for sale".

" Sheeele said that other elderly people at Truman had spoken about dismissing living classroom mouse as a mischief. Sheele said if he had to do it again, he'd still be playing the school-to-sale trick.

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