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Second-hand cars for sale in Jacksonville, FL. Secondhand Jacksonville, FL pick-up truck for sale/drive Trader Rating: {\a6} (19 Opinions) "You got in touch with me in a timely fashion " Avg. Trader Rating: {\a6}(14 Ratings) "Good Communications" Avg. Trader Rating: Overall a very good one. Trader Rating: We had a great race at Automax Motorsports.

Trader Rating: This is the most professionally designed and clean used car we have found anywhere.

Trader Rating: Repeated contact, actually wanted to test ride, but my timetable has been altered. Trader Rating: Returning to the person I was talking to was very useful and polite and professional and my quest for a new used truck" Avg. Trader Rating: {\a6} (53 Ratings) "Very good review, no problems, hopefully a car this weekend" Avg.

Trader Rating: {\a6} (14 votes) "Large choice of new and used vehicles." Trader Rating: {\a6} (19 Ratings) "Very professionally and courteously with the emails" Avg. Trader Rating: {\a6} (7 Ratings) "Very Polite and Professionally Good Follow-Up" Avg. Trader Rating: {\a6}"Amazing!" Trader Rating: Trader Rating: Useful but the car was already on sale.

Trader Rating: {\a6} (12 Ratings) "We approached the dealership and bought the car."

A total of 374 used cars for sale at St. Augustine

Featuring virtually a hundred on a hundred in-demand cars from top automakers - among them Chevy, Ford, Honda, Nissan, Toyota, and so many more - Jacksonville riders are sure to find a used vehicle that will check all the squad. Have a look at our wide range of used cars, complete with used cars under $10,000, and then get in touch to arrange a test ride with your favourit.

Exclusion of liability: *Tax, day, titles and merchant fees (service & processing charge of $694) are not covered by the price of the rental and must be payed by the buyer. We reserve the right of intermediate sales for all cars. Whilst Jacksonville riders looking for a great deal on a used auto may find themselves trying to go to Craigslist and privately owned salesman, there are actually plenty of benefits rather than buying used by a retailer.

Ever since we opened our door, we have been a trustworthy company among Jacksonville's riders, with deep-rooted connections to the fellowship. We will assist you both before and after the sale of your used car. We also have a wide range of certified used car types and a revolving range of competitively priced special offers, so you can find new cars at great value for money.

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