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Houses, apartments, rooms, commercial properties, holiday homes in Hattiesburg, MS. petal wife looses 00 on craigslist scams Underwood has rented a home on Woodview Drive in Petal, but now that her rental has run out, she needs to find a new home. "I replied to an ad on Craigslist. They had a photo of a home for hire with a descriptive text and a telephone number, so I phoned them and they replied and said it was available," Underwood said.

They were looking for someone who could hire it before they left for California. He had to come up with $1400 in advance to get it. You gave Underwood the keys to the place, but when she was inside, something was wrong.

It was men's clothing and belongings," Underwood said. She phoned the pair to find out why, but they wouldn't pick up the telephone, and she said they hadn't returned their call since. She later found out the granddad isn't gone and he still rents this house. Said the pair had stolen their cash and walked out of the city.

"I' m a lone mother, and it's difficult enough to raise enough to get to a place and someone is taking that kind of cash, and now you have two more nights to find a place to go," Underwood said. She' s afraid of what might come of not getting the cash back soon.

"Either we end up in the pound or on the street, or if there is no place in the pound, we end up on the street and have nowhere to go," Underwood said.

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