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Charlotte Craigslist

One of my "roommates" on Charlotte Craigslist almost cheated on me. There''s no more frightening place for the big flat mate hunt than Craigslist, but this is where my adventures began, because I wanted to let one of my rooms. There' ve been several Audrey Coopers, but none from Plattsburgh and none from Newport County. and Strathclyde University, no way.

But she couldn't speak, just e-mails and text messages? I' never got a call from her'superior' and I had too many scarlet colors, so I quit it. I had been informed that she would be sending me a cheque for the first and last month's rental and that she would be moving in on 31 January.

As I said, I didn't sent another e-mail and to my nice astonishment she didn't sent me another e-mail. and I thought she wasn't interested in the room anymore. and that I would cancel her cheque.

And she insisted that I still put the cheque in and take $300 for myself. They IMPLORATED me.... I couldn't stand the double meaning any more, so I Googleed "Craigslist roommates frauds where they are sending you money" and a website came up that explained my position to a T. Audrey that she was in Rhode Island and worked all the while.

udrey has been bombing me with her biography from the beginning. It also mentions that most fraud comes from abroad, so look out for those who say they can't speak on the telephone and grammar mistakes in e-mails. Today I was checking my post and had actually got a cheque from'Audrey' for $2,500.

The only thing I wanted was the first and last monthly rental of $1,200. When you read the commentary in the paper, many other folks had the same scenarios and their minutiae were similar to Audrey's history. That cheating comes in many ways, folks who pay for something, send too much and then ask for the distinction.

Use caution when interacting with others on the web. I took the cheque to my local banking to file a fraud claim. You checked it out and said it was from a genuine house but nobody named John Smith (yes, that was the name on the check) had an office there.

and the FBI was in on it, and oddly enough I haven't even seen her since.

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