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Cradslist ad for'Daddy's little girl' leading to Boca Raton.....

A 64-year-old Boca Raton man looking for "Papa's little girl" was apprehended on Wednesday after travelling to a McDonald's to see a mom and her 14-year-old teenage little sister, said the cops. Instead, Warren Seckler showed up at McDonald's on Linton Road in Delray Beach and was welcomed by investigators.

SECKER was apprehended on Wednesday for using a computer to attract a kid and to hit a kid. Corresponding to the likely cause of affidavit, a West Palm Beach policeman worked with the South Florida Internet crime against children on March 18 when she spotted a Craigslist posting entitled Dad's Little Match.

He answered the ad and asked if he was interested in "someone under 18 years of age". The man answered again less than an hours after the end of the call. Later, the investigator said that her young girl was 14 years old, blond, thin and had dark blush. When Seckler asked the investigator if her daugher wanted to be beaten.

Then he sent the investigator his telephone number so she could get him a photo of her little girl. In the course of the interview, Seckler also sent images of his house to the investigator to show her that his house is secure. "He then said that he had purchased cuddly toys for my daugher and would give her one each time he visited, in the hope that she would return," the investigator commented.

SECCLER and the investigator arranged a meeting at McDonald's where he was taken into detention. Corresponding to the affidavit, Seckler confessed to post the Craigslist message and make preparations to make the mother and her adolescent daughters. "He confesses to having picked up a raccoon and sweets for his 14-year-old daughter," the investigator commented.

SECCLER was detained in Palm Beach County Correctional Facility for a $53,000 loan.

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