Couples Massage new York Ny

Massage for couples New York Ny

Cornelia Couples Massage is a side-by-side experience with individual touch and pressure, ranging from Swedish to deep tissue and shiatsu options. And we have our couple massages in the same room at the same time! A Romantic Couples Spa, Getaway Spa in New York NY, near Time Square, nearby. Achieve the best massage therapy benefits with the best in New York City news. Home of the best massage, skin care and body treatments and holistic wellness.

17 photos & 173 reviews - The Couples Spa - Day Spas - 320 U 65 th St, Upper East Side, New York, NY - Telephone number

I and my fiance had a group since Valentine's Day and we chose to use them last night. It was a very relaxed massage and we both went happily. Did you know I got a couples massage coupon with aroma therapy? Both the massage and the services were great. Although it was good, the massage wasn't enough for use to go back auMAZING, especially if the actual cost of the $250 packet is.

That massage was very good. I really did have a full massage and I had the feeling that the whole part of my torso was evenly covering during the lesson. If you are physically timid, you will take off all but your lingerie, but it will stay on all the while. Although, if it gets too high, they will drag it down and to the side when they massage near the buttocks.

And I pampered my fiancée with a couple massage for his anniversary, and he liked it. I had a really good massage. I wish my masseuse had concentrated on the lower half of my anatomy as much as on the upper half. The massage was so good, I can't feel sorry for myself.

The massage was followed by an offer of coffee and cocoa. Altogether astonishing!!!!! This is the forth visit to the resort and the services are always astonishing. Amy' is beautiful and gave me the best massage I've had in years. This is a very neat and relaxed place. We had a coupon for a couple's massage and a glass of vine.

The massage wasn't very good. A massage of one hours did not involve our front side of our upper thigh. You have been rubbed face down, but face up they were not, which has baffled me a little, as the gluteal muscles are a commonly used and often wounded one. After the massage we were served a nice cup of coffee or a cup of coffee (we chose the different flavours of herbs) and the owner/reception gave us the coffee on a sweet chocolate plate.

We' ve got the massage from Teamon. Massage's underneath. I' ve got a big skull, so my maxilla was a little raw during the massage. If you do Grupon, you have to end up paying the taxes. The massage was first class. Sitting in very beautiful massage armchairs and enjoying a glass of cuppa.

I was invited to a couple massage for my birthdays and we had a marvellous time. They were very professionally staffed and the place is beautiful, relaxed and clean. Sofia and Amy did a good work with our massage. Overlook the website that looks incomplete - this place is the right place for a good massage.

It' definitely not one of those extravagant spa's, but is more about value for the money and really good servicecenter. We' ve made a good business at Groupon. We both feel completely astonishing one of the days after the massage and have not experienced any pains, especially in these areas of ailment.

After a couple massage we went through Grupon and when we walked into the décor it was nice and tidy, the personnel is really nice (the personnel was helping us to put up our robes/coats). You are accommodated in our massage rooms. She' done an outstanding work, all the muscle and my whole system is raw, which is a good thing.

All in all an astonishing overall and would go back again. P.S.: Many folks have been complaining about concealed charges, but it is already stated in Grupon that tips are acceptable in bar. On a Saturday afternoons we were here with a local to visit some baths. You have a beautiful lounge with 2 massage armchairs.

So they welcomed us and gave us to drink pool to drink. After a 15 minutes time lag, we received a full 60 minutes massage. He was very calm and soothing. I' m very happy with the massage. It was a great decision to come to The Couples Spa with my friend as part of our jubilee and it was a great one!

It' visible, very neat and tidy in the reception area (and in the massage rooms). All the massage rooms are located in the lower floor and each room has a subject, as the name on the doors suggests. There were also two massage tables with counterfeit roses and in the corners there was a wardrobe for your clothes and belongings.

And the massage itself was fantastic! During the massage the masseurs asked for the pressures at various points and it felt as if they definitely knew where all our nodes were! When my massager noticed that I had eye liner, she asked me if it was okay to massage my face, so I thought twice about it.

Part of our Groupon we were treated to a cup of sweet two of a child cups. TL;DR: Great, neat place for a massage for couples! I did a lot of research and found the pair of spas the best option if I stayed on the topside. A few nights before (by phone) we made an arrangement, we had some changes and they were more than willing to take us in.

After a 60-minute couple massage we came out much easier. Love the plumbing and how neat they are. That massage hornrible felt like some kind of torturing. Our BODYS are STILL LATER SILENCE SHORE A DARE! After the down with massage. I and my friend really enjoy our Saturday massage.

Near my home I was sitting on the massage stool while drinking my cup of coffee, and the woman was kind enough to switch on the massage stool. I' ve seen how folks boot you to use such massage armchairs in other places, but in the couple spas it's free and it's really good.

For a few long evenings I had pains in my back. She was so rude to my friend that he had to tell her to stop (he's still angry). I' m guessing nobody goes to the massage just to make themselves uncomfortable afterwards.

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