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Waste & Recycling, SANITATION SERVICES. Waste & Recycling Service, Inc. Waste/Recycling/Food Waste Collection, Service for Ulster County. Sector-leading waste management and recycling solutions for your business or home. Located in Ulster County.

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If you need a wide range of disposal services, from our week-long domestic waste and waste disposal services to building and rubble landfills, we can offer them to you. Cairo County Waste and Waste Management is only one of the biggest and most renowned waste management firms in eastern New York. Indeed, County Waste has operated from Harriman in the South to Ticonderoga far to the Northeast - making our kind riders one of the best-known landmarks in eastern New York.

If you have any queries, please call the Cairo County Waste & Recycling Bureau at 888-549-2783 or e-mail us.

Heavy>Approved materials: strong/solid

Our aim is to offer each of our customers in our Columbia, Greene and Ulster County division high-quality and cost-efficient household waste and waste management solutions. Call us at 888-549-2783 or 845-355-4500 for waste and recovery fees and to plan your waste disposal activities.

Please refer to County Waste and Recycling's practical guidelines for information on certain articles that may or may not be eligible for our curb disposal programme. Permitted materials: At the same time, we are accepting ordinary domestic waste such as waste papers, groceries and other waste. Prohibited materials: The following material cannot be disposed of in domestic waste containers:

10-yard3'-5"8'13' 1/2'" 15 yard4'-2"8'15' 1/2" 20 yard3'-5"8'22' 9-1/2" 30 yard5'-2"8'22' 9-1/2" 40 yard6'-10"8'22' 9-1/2" County Waste and Recycling is closing on these public holiday days.

Waste Collection & Recycling

For any queries regarding our waste and recovery activities, or to talk to one of our supportive support staff, please feel free to use our website and a member of our staff will get in touch with you within 24hrs. We' re the biggest waste collector and single-current recycler in the capital region of New York, acting as a major player for Albany, Schenectady, Troy, Saratoga and Clifton Park.

From Harriman in the Northeast to Ticonderoga, our welcoming trash and recyclers are a household name throughout eastern New York. When you need any kind of waste disposal, from our week-long household waste and waste recovery activities to building and rubble landfills, we can offer it to you.

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