County Poughkeepsie Ny

Poughkeepsie Ny County

Westchester County and Hudson Valley opioid addiction - Read more. Poughkeepsie, New York, Energy from Waste, provides environmentally friendly waste management for the region, learn more about its operation. Wheeledabrator Dutchess County | Wheelabrator New York Poughkeepsie, New York, provides 290,000 Dutchess County inhabitants with environment-friendly and reliable domestic and commercial wastes. Wheelabrator Dutchess County is creating a community eco-system by converting 465 tonnes of garbage per diem into 9 MW of electrical current - enough pure primary source to supply about 8,220 households and its own businesses - that converts garbage into a community combustible to generate cleaner, renewables for sales to the community utilities while at the same time producing metal for reclaim.

Our environmental friendliness means that we can dispose of our products and make them less dependent on landfill sites.

Millbrook, NY Water damages, fire damages, mould remediation

A reliable market-leading remediation company, SERVPRO of NW & SE Dutchess County provides a 24-hour response hotline and strives to be quicker in the event of disasters of any magnitude. Immediately react to your emergencies and have the knowledge to meet your conservation or clean-up needs. With over 1,700 franchise companies in the USA and Canada, SERVPRO is a leading player in the catering world.

If you need help with flooding damages or to clean your cushions, you can rely on SERVPRO from NW & SE Dutchess County. Each of our engineers has comprehensive maintenance and repair trainings and can bring your real estate to its best advantage. Find out more about our housing services: If your day-to-day running of the company is disrupted by fire or flooding, you need expert help to get your home back into operation.

The hours of tidying up is one hours of loss of revenue/profit. NW & SE Dutchess County offers expert clean-up and emergencies repair service to help your operation run like clockwork. we' ve got the education, gear and capabilities to deal with disasters of all sizes. Find out more about our aftermarket services:

NW & SE Dutchess County's SERVPRO is in possession and operates on the ground - so we are also part of this group. In the event of larger windstorms and catastrophes, we have access to dedicated disaster recovery teams spread across the state.

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