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National Bar & Dining RoomsNEW YORK CITY. Make your reservation now at the Hill Country Barbecue Market - Flatiron in New York, NY. Executive position with one of the most decorated restaurant groups in New York City. Locate a country kitchen location. Check out the menu and reviews for Hill Country Barbecue in New York, as well as the most popular articles and reviews.


Point-Royal is a coastal restaurant open for breakfasts and dinners, with Zakarian food and a seafront oriented meal. Countertop is a self-contained, laid-back café and retailer that offers Zakarian's typical Zakarian guest friendly service in a "carry out" or "dine-in" environment with bar orders and a range of "grab and go" articles.

It is a tailor-made dinner that is reminiscent of the classical clubrooms of the middle of the century, with round banquets in white colour, decorative fittings and an enormous 18. century chimney. In Stanford White's own designer house, where "The Lambs", America's first theatre team, first came together. Influenced by the big cafes of Europe and the classical US dinning rooms, The National provides an inviting yet sophisticated interiors, great services and a variety of bistro-style meals with Zakarian's handwriting Contemporary Americaint.

In the renovated Emery Roth buildung from 1927 - an architectonic symbol of the Beaux-Arts-Stil. An unmistakable and distinctive Borgata in Atlantic City linked Borgata and the Water Club provides Zakarians New York kitchen in The Sun Room, Immersion Spa, The Pools and Room Service for the 800 rooms.

Daily open

Grand Ole Opry welcomes you to the best of Nashville dining and amusement on New Orleans. Gain an genuine Southern flavour with our new, refreshing formula for comforts. I' ve told you a thousand things. I' ll say it a thousand more time. There' nothing has ever affected being a member of the Grand Ole Opry.

A welcoming story of Greek cuisine

Dip ed in gold or in breadcrumbs with wedges of lemons and tartar sauces. Pause and savour our roast seafood at fair prices. Pancakes with ham and omelette with gold potatoes. The breakfast is available all days so that you can spoil your balls or the desire for delicious oral toasts.

Have a look at our various Hellenic dishes, such as the above mentioned "Greek Burger". Simply have a look at our on-line menue.

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