Cottonwood Mall Stores

The Cottonwood Mall Shops

The Cottonwood Mall is anchored by Dillard's Macy's, Sears and JC Penney. Shopping centre in Albuquerque, NM Bottom layer in front of the playing area. Locate them on the top floor near Old Navy. On the lower floor next to Johnny Rockets. By the Disney Store.

This is our View Store Information Fun series. Show shop information Hollister Co. Bottom floor next to the Cinema shelf. Situated on the east side of the mall between the cinema and Dillard's.

Albuquerque, NM mall

Besides the shops, you can also find child-oriented communal activities, a children's playground, tasty meals from our catering area and film screenings on the Cinema shelf. A TravelexATM is situated at the front door in the Kitchen and at the lower floor in the Center Cour.

The change rooms are in the family toilet and next to the children's playground. Stop for a while and let your little ones have a little bit of pleasure on the playground. It' on the lower floor in front of Conn's. Playground is open (Monday-Saturday: 10-21 h & Sunday: 11-18 h).

To make your life easier, we have charging points that are suitable for most appliances and are situated on the top floor opposite the children's seat. You will find for your comfort on the top floor, next to the food court, familytoilets. Disabled car parks and barrier-free access are available at all entrance points to the mall.

There are toilets available in all toilets for families. Every day for the opening our Mall has a self-managed Mall Walkers program. Check out the latest shows on the shelf cinemas inside the mall. There is a quiet room on the lower level, next to the children's playground, for your comfort.

At each of the (3) main entrances. In the shopping centre next to the children's playground. Please contact the Animal Park & Horse owner for limitations and prices. Cottonwood Express takes you on a funny rail trip through the mall. Cottonwood Express is on the top floor next to the meal courtyard.

Get a cool beverage from one of the Coca-Cola dispensers throughout the area. When you need a wheel chair during your stay, Animal Park & Ride is on the lower floor near Conn's HomePlus.

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