Corbett Lighting


Corporate Lighting, a division of Troy-CSL Lighting Inc. The company is characterised by the production of beautiful lamps and dedicates itself to original design with excellent craftsmanship. Ceiling-mounted Corbett lighting, chandeliers, wall lights, lamps, ceiling lights and more. Complimentary shipping and guaranteed lowest prices on Corbett Lighting. Corbett Lighting ceiling lights.

CORBET Lighting

Corbett Lighting has been designing and producing wonderful luminaires that bring a touch of charm and glamor to homes and businesses for over four years. Corbett Lighting blurs the line between practical lighting and modern artwork, producing unique and unconventional works that have not yet been seen.

Corbett Lighting is known for paying close attention to the complex styling of its custom-made lighting products, both conventional and modern, incorporating candelabra, ceiling-mounted luminaires and flush-mounted luminaires, and for not overlooking any details. Corbett Lighting, which finds a true-to-life equilibrium between fashionable and ageless styles, blends fine metal work and hand-painted surface technologies with sophisticated fabrics such as oblique-cut crystals, handcrafted Japan papers, shells, Italien glasses and Abaca fibre tones.

You only need to take a look at stunning collection such as Kyoto, Helios and Motif to see for yourself the outstanding workmanship and aesthetics of Corbett Lighting. After all, it is Corbett Lighting's persistent dedication to transcending the limits of lighting designs that allow each of its luminaires to determine the demanding spaces that decorate them.

Ships all Corbett Lighting items (including freight) within the United States for orders over $50 FREE. Any Corbett Lighting product shipped via UPS or FedEx Ground within the United States is FREE of shipping charges. There is no re-storage fees for Corbett Lighting reusable items.

There is no VAT for Corbett Lighting with the exception of those delivered to NC, NJ, NY and PA.

Chandelier for Corbett lighting

All of these candlesticks have been created with a view to perfection and aesthetic. Inspired by fashions, arts and designer fashions, they are each made from the very best fabrics by skilled craftsmen. You are a chandelier like no other and will give your home a permanent value and an extraordinary "wow" effect.

If you have any queries about the range, please consult one of our accredited professionals at the ASA.

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