Copenhagen Day Trips

Kopenhagen Day Trips

These are eight of our most popular day trips and excursions from Copenhagen. Let's explore the best day trips from Copenhagen: These are my recommendations for Copenhagen day trips to Zealand: Fredriksborg was one of my favourite castles in Copenhagen. It is the perfect place to make day trips from Copenhagen or extend your holiday with a stay in hotels, inns or holiday homes in North Zealand.

Best day trips from Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen has many of its own sightseeing trips and enough fun, dining and nightlife to keep you entertained for a week or two, but there are also a number of great places close by that are ideal for a day out. A number of day trips from Copenhagen have a lot of interesting stories and one-of-a-kind places to visit, while other day trips provide a more restful day out in the bright sunny outdoors.

You will have to choose where you want to go in Denmark or in neighbouring Sweden, according to what you want to do with your holiday in Denmark. You will certainly find an adventurous day near by, from the exploration of mediaeval palaces (called "slots" in Danish) to relaxation on a remote insular coast or a day at a local museums.

From Copenhagen 14 first-class day trips

You will have no difficulty doing anything in this thrilling Scandinavian town with all the touristic sights in Copenhagen. There are several prominent palaces in Denmark which you can access from Copenhagen, the most notable of which is Kronborg Castle, the scene of Shakespeare's Hamlet. There is a new marine heritage centre and a world-class contemporary arts library in the immediate vicinity.

Frederiksborg Palace, which is situated in beautiful landscaped grounds, is often a day trip to Kronborg Fortress. You can also traverse the notable Öresund Bridge to Sweden to see the thrilling town of Malmö. This is a practical checklist to help you schedule your day trips from Copenhagen. Shakespeare named the fortress Elsinore and served as the home of his fictitious figure Hamlet. It has been at the top of the Øresund Sound in Helsingør since 1420.

Kronborg Palace, today a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was reconstructed in 1640 after a fire in 1629. This château chapel survives the fire, its Renaissance interiors and the wood carvings of Germany have been preserved. A variety of visits will take you through the palace's past, among them the crypt below. Every year in the yearly Shakespeare Festival at Kronborg Palace you can see Hamlet.

Elsinore is a 45-minute rail journey from Copenhagen Central Station, or you can take a day trip from Copenhagen, which usually takes in the Frederiksborg Palace near by. Frederiksborg Castle in the Dutch Renaissance period was constructed in the early 1600s by King Christian IV.

There is a museum of national and Danish heritage and an extensive artistic library with historic pictures, portrait works and more. It is surrounded by three small isles and around the chateau there is the chateau gardens, a romantically designed landscape park that was restored according to the initial designs and sketches of 1725.

Inside is the bathhouse slot, the small bathhouse palace from the period of King Frederik II and a small cafe. A day trip from Copenhagen often combines a trip to Frederiksborg Castle with a trip to Kronborg Castle. In Roskilde, five Vikingships salvaged from the undersea world are at the centre of the Vikings Ship Museum, which has been exhibited in a spectacular way in a hangar overlooking Roskilde harbour and the canal.

In the various structures that make up the building, you can find out more about these vessels and the Scandinavian naval experiences of prehistory and the Middle Ages. There is a workshop in the Musée where Vikings can be learned by grown-ups and schoolchildren.

A 30-minute rail journey from Copenhagen Central Station, both Cathedrale and the Viking Ship Memorial are often part of full-day trips to places of interest in Copenhagen. When you get there, discover the roads bordered by small straw-roofed houses and see the harbour museums. Dragoer also has a powerful fisheries heritage.

Dragør can also be reached by coach from the centre of the town. It is a simple day excursion from Copenhagen to the town of Malmö in Sweden, across the Øresund Bridge, which links Denmark with Sweden. A picturesque tour of the Malmö Channel allows you to discover Malmö's past, savour the vibrant Stora Torget ambience and rummage in Lilla Torget's shops, which are full of open-air cafes in hot summers.

At Malmöhus Palace, Scandinavia's oldest surviving Renaissance palace, you can find historical and technical artefacts in Malmö's museums or visit a U-boat. Egeskov is also one of the most beautiful Renaissance fortresses in Europe, with a ditch made up of a pond that encircles the chateau and surrounding garden.

In 1554 the present building was finished, and in its fully equipped rooms and exhibition areas you can admire beautiful antique furnitures and works of artwork, a toy library and the notable Titania's Palace, a magnificent doll's home with 3,000 handmade miniatures and small works of artwork from all over the inland.

Further artefacts can be found in the service building of the palace and in an old-timer muse. There are a number of archipelagos off the coastline of Zealand, just south of Copenhagen, which the Danes call their southern sea isles. The Louisiana Musuem of Contemporary Arts in Humlebæk, not far from Helsingør, houses a large selection of important works by some of the greatest artists of all time: the Louisiana Family: the Louisiana Museum is one of the most important museums in the world:

Denmark's biggest of the "South Sea Islands" is the Lolland in the bustling seas between South Denmark and Germany and about 90 minutes by road from Copenhagen. There are a number of top tourist sites that make a trip through Lolland worth it. There is a château from the twelfth and twelfth centuries, which today is home to a classic vehicle heritage centre.

The Bjarke Ingels Group architect's design for this exceptional subterranean building uses the former arid harbour near Kronborg Castle in Helsingør. Exponates in this groundbreaking room tell the stories of ship building in Denmark and show the wealth of marine heritage in the area. In addition to structural objects, there are large videoprojections that take full use of the museums unparalleled architectural design.

The Blå Planet is located near the end of the Øresund Bridge, only 12 minutes walk from the Kastrup metro stop. Slightly more than 15 kilometres from Copenhagen is the Open Air Museum, part of the National Museum of Denmark and a must for many people.

The Frederik IX bridge leads over the Guldborg Sound from Lolland, 90 minutes by car from Copenhagen, to Falster, the biggest city on the Isle. Later it became a fortress. It developed around the fortress, although the remains of a steeple are all that remains of the fortress today. Today there is a yacht harbour and several touristic sites in the city.

Some of the high points are the Tsar's House from the 1690s, the Medieval Centre (Middelaldercentret), a lively historical centre, a small animal park, the Bymuseet (town museum) and the Ejegod windmill, which exhibits ancient games. Just over an hour's car ride from Copenhagen is the Kalundborg city with its famed five-towered Church of Our Lady (Vor Frue Kirke).

Further sights in Kalundborg are the mediaeval old town and the Kalundborg Museum with historical suits and archaeological exhibits of the Vikings.

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