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Select your favorite images from millions of available designs. The Contemporary Painting in an Atemporal World" captures an art form in crisis. Which are the best contemporary painters whose works you should know? Take a look at our list of leading artists in the field of contemporary painting. Excerpt from the cave paintings of Lascaux.

Forever Now: The Forever Now: Modern painting in a contemporary world

Now presents the works of 17 painters whose works mirror a unique beginning that marks our own point in our new century: they deny us the right to use them to measure or determine ours. It was first recognized in civilization by sci-fi author William Gibson, who used the word "a-temporality" to describe a contemporary piece of art that does not ironically depict, by means of styles, contents or media, the period from which it originated.

In painting, a timeless or timeless nature is manifested as ahistoric freedom for all, where contemporary society is nowhere to be found as an indication of new shapes and all epochs exist . The lavish blending of past genre and style can be recognized as a kind of trademark for our present time in painting, by artist reviving or restoring historic style or a contemporary interpretation of it, collecting motives from the entire time line of the twentieth centuries in one painting or in one work, or reducing their vocabulary to the most archetypical expression.

Each of the artisans in this show depicts a multitude of different genre and style, but all use the painterly surfaces as a stage, card or metaphorical display on which genre mix, mend, and conflict. Her work is representative of painting in the way that every painter deals with the tradition of painting, tests historic concepts such as acquisition and bricole and ultimately redesigns them and reformulates more transcendental, transcendent issues of authenticity, objectivity and spirit ualization.

Included in the show are works by Richard Aldrich, Joe Bradley, Kerstin Brätsch, Matt Connors, Michaela Eichwald, Nicole Eisenman, Mark Grotjahn, Charline von Heyl, Rashid Johnson, Julie Mehretu, Dianna Molzan, Oscar Murillo, Laura Owens, Amy Sillman, Josh Smith, Mary Weatherford and Michael Williams. Organised by Laura Hoptman, curator, with Margaret Ewing, curatorial assistant, Painting and Sculpture Department.

The Jill and Peter Kraus Endowed Fund for Contemporary Exhibitions is the main sponsor of the show.

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