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A new interpretation of modern and contemporary art in an architectural icon. The New Museum of Contemporary Art - 811 photos & 330 reviews - Museums - 235 Bowery, Lower East Side, New York, NY - Telephone number That is the weirdest museum of fine arts I've ever been to. A visit to this museum is definitely an interesting adventure. However, it may be an adventure you only want to have once, because it is probably not profitable to go back. It' definitely not a museum for kids.

As far as the museum itself is concerned, it is beautiful, but the works are a success or a failure.

For a year they had a huge chute that went through the ground, which was great, but then sometimes it's just a lot of projection screen and not much to be happy about. But I was really dissapointed by my museum work. Nathaniel Mellors in Conversation" was by far one of the most strange things I have experienced in some time.

I found the only exhibition I found amusing was "Triennale Songs for Sabotage". It is appreciated how the museum shows some of the films, but I am simply not in a position to appreciate the work. This museum is too expensive and marginal, but I think it also relies on the actual objects.

They have a small café on the positive side and some of the artwork was interesting, but I don't think I'll come back to see this museum again. There are 5 levels with different performers, enough to keep our 2 children busy for over an hours. New Museum is my favourite museum in the United States, but I don't commend it to everyone.

To all those who say it's small, they say so unlike other New York cinemas. It is still relatively large in size and more than enough to accommodate a single stop. You will also be close to better places to eat, drink and shop, so you can enjoy a trip to the Neues Museum in combination with one.

I' m trying to go to the Neues Museum every single occasion they have a new one. That' s for the PALESTEST exposition. Here you can see the last of the Pixelwald exhibitions that Pipilotti Rist cured. Different interpretations of artwork, pixels, light, etc. are shown on each level. Some areas where you could rest on the ground and let the light in.

Strolling in the exposed candles it felt as if you were submerged in a wood of light, as if you had something from a sequence from the film Avatar. From the bottom up we went to several storeys and found that the fourth storey was blocked for the preparation for the show and another storey was only open to the personnel.

The museum was not very large overall, but offered several storeys and areas for sightseeing. That would be a little bit valuable if it was $7 for the tickets, but it was $18. I thought the beautiful light exhibition would be beautiful for paintings. But I just couldn't really assess the movie's contents.

I had to visit this museum after a buddy sent me video and images of Pipilotti Rist's Pixel Forest on Instagram - I mean..... who doesn't like beautiful candles?! There' s a lot of stories, but we went through quite quickly, I'd say about an hours and it was $16/pp for an adult on a week-end.

On the outside of the museum the line looks a little daunting, but the line is moving relatively fast (came here around 3pm, which probably will help that there is an entrance fee tbh). There' s 7 stories here, but only 3 worth it - levels 2 to 4 The top level is the ski deck, which is not really something out of the ordinary when you walk on many roofs in New York.

The Pixel Forrest was definitely my favourite ground, the highlights were beautiful with very quiet sound..... ahhh it was soothing! There is a carpet on the edge of the wood where the visitor can see the projection. When you go to another level, you will find many projector bedding on the duvet.

All in all a quite good overall result. I' d definitely go to Pixel Forest soon if you haven't already! Pippilotti Rist's installations were more than nice. In addition to the pendant lamps that everyone loved, her eventful collection of works of art was just as lovely. As I walked down to the ground with my bed, I realized how much we take the most simple things for granted: current, leaf fall, hands held, daydreaming.....

The exhibition reminds me of living and appreciating what is around me. So, yeah, I definitely think everyone should go and see her work. This queue to the museum is ludicrous, so come and be early! I and my fiance wanted to come here on a Thursday afternoon (the only time the Neues Museum was open at night) and that simply wasn't the case.

When we could even take a look at it, the museum would have been shut down. It was my first visit to this museum, and I came specifically to see the Pixel Forest exhibition that Pipilotti Rist and several hundred other curators of. Due to the appeal of this exhibition and the date and timing I chose to visit it (Thursdays are paid on request), the admission was more than one hours.

Some of the museum directors chose to reduce the line by giving museum visitors who wanted to buy the full entrance fee on a line that would move faster, which made no point for me and was unjust, as all those who were already awaiting and could not or could not afford the full cost of the exhibition.

That said, once in there was another line for coat/bag checkout, after your discretion, I decided to carry my cloak with me just to eschew another line. There was overcrowding in the lifts to get to the first level of the exhibition (which by the way was 3 floors), so we went up to begin our visionary/auditory sensorial adventure, and it was marvellous.

It was a show I love, and like every storey was different and yet flowing together. I would definitely come back to see her coming work. I' ve come here to see the exhibition Pixel Forest by Pipilotti Rist, which is on display until January 2017. The exhibition occupies three floors of the museum.

It is advisable to begin at the bottom of the exhibition and work your way up. Even though the exhibits with the dangly light chains dominate the public mediums, the other parts of this screen are very bizarre and beauty. So if you really are a photographer like my boyfriend and I and are here just for this exhibition, I suggest that you come here if you have at least 45 to 1h.

We also recommend that you come on the days of the week when the museum is open, i.e. Tuesday and Thursday, to prevent the possible routes and masses of people on weekends. Don't come here and expect a big museum like the Museum of Modern Art, because you will be upset. Unfortunately, my boyfriend and I didn't have enough free space to go to the other levels of the museum beyond the Pixel Forest, so this report is restricted.

At the moment they have a wonderful Pixel Forrest that you can run through and that really has an avatar feeling. They lie and hear the woods, the sound of running waters and relaxation. It was a great adventure. Thirteen bucks made that tour of the storeys a lot of pleasure. On the ground level there is a souvenir store with slanted objects and textbooks.

One of these is the Neues Museum, which will surprise you with the exhibited work. Over time, the arts also changed and this museum shows how artisans cross borders by mixing well-known techniques and creating ideas to articulate a new view of it.

Because I like to go to the Neues Museum because it shows an artistic conception. If you are new to the city, a traveler or a New Yorker like me, don't delay to go in and indulge in another sense of the arts; let your inner painter out and explore this museum.

New Inc. members are entitled to free entry to the Neues Museum, subject to presentation of an identity document. All this all seems terribly fair until you are someone who works transiently at New Inc., so you would never get an ID ticket (unnecessary cost) while the new museum would assume no sort of e-mail or write acknowledgment from someone in my comany who owns this shining piece of sculpture?

Although I worked at New Inc. all throughout the summers, I never had the opportunity to go to the Neues Museum. The museum isn't that big, so make sure you get the items before you go. These show Pixel Forest by Pipilotti Rist until mid-January, which is definitely a worthwhile stop.

There' s a carpet with a pile of huge cushions to put on and another exhibition with a pile of cots and a projection blanket. There' s also a room in the skies on the top storey with a clear panoramic sight of the town. SANAA's New Museum looks great on photographs and in the distance.

Chains of light always look good, but most of them turned pale amber. I was here for the Pixelwald show. Thing about an exposition of this very fashionable is that it is urged quite a lot throughout its entire run. This also applies to all other beloved exhibitions. When indoors, you have to use the lifts to get to the displays (wouldn't suggest using the staircase if you want to go up more than 2 floors).

Pixelforest was as wonderful as I had been hoping. It' really nice and a surround of those sparkling highlights. It is not a museum that everyone will like, and contemporary artwork can be difficult to understand.

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