Community College of Baltimore County

Baltimore County Community College

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Baltimore County Community College

CCBC is one of the leading educational, personnel developement, technological trainings and lifetime learning/living institutions in the Baltimore metropolitan area. Recognised nationally as a leader as an innovator in the field of adaptive learning strategy, CCBC trains nearly 65,000 individuals each year, includ-ing more than half of all Baltimore County residents who attend junior college, as well as ministering to more than 100 employers each year with staff customised training. a...


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Please note that it is important that all university qualifications come from a recognised university/institution. In the case of an academic degree obtained outside the United States, the associate or potential associate must also have a recognized educational certification assessment agency review certificates from abroad. It is prohibited to use backgrounds for discrimination based on racial, colour, creed, sex, national origins, civil Status, lifestyles, sexual orientations, genetics, political convictions, religions or affiliations, disabilities, ages or veterans' protection.

Candidates who require lodging for part of the recruitment and/or recruitment procedure should contact Human Resources at 443-840-4739 or In accordance with Section 1092(f) of the United States Code, the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Policy and Crime Statistics Act, the Community College of Baltimore County's yearly safety review is available to all applicant upon inquiry by phoning or posting to the Department of Public Safety on each of the campuses or by visiting the Public Safety website

Any qualifying candidate will be considered for placement regardless of racial, colour, creed, religious, ethnicity, alienation or nationality, ages, sex, lifelong relationships, disabilities, protected veteranship, genetics or any other legally recognized grounds.

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