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Columbia, formally the Colombian Republic, is a country in the northwest of South America. Bogotá is the capitol of the country. Colombia covers 2,129,748 km , of which 1,141,748 km corresponds to the continent and the other 988,000 km to its territorial extent, 9 which continues a frontier conflict with Venezuela and Nicaragua.

Bounded to the west by Venezuela and Brazil, to the north by Ecuador and Peru and to the north-west by Panama; in terms of sea frontiers, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic and Venezuela in the Caribbean, and Panama, Costa Rica and Ecuador in the Pacific.

Columbia is the only country in Latin America with shorelines along the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean that has several archipelagoes, the archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina. Columbia has the highest number of endemic plant and animal varieties per area on the globe, and after Brazil it is the second biggest mega-diverse in the whole country in the whole of Colombia.

It is the 4th biggest country in South America with about 47 million people, the third biggest in Latin America. This is the third country with the highest number of people speaking Hispanic. Columbia has a multi-cultural people, areas and nationalities. A significant number of offspring in the Caribbean is from the Middle East.16 Colombia's gross domestic products in terms of PPP are number four in Latin America and number 28 in the world.

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