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Profile of Albany University on campus. St Rose is a college in Albany, NY that offers a private, independent, co-educational experience in a vibrant urban environment. Searching for colleges in Albany NY?

University of Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Join a trip with one of our student ambassadors, find out more about how to apply for funding and talk to our Columbus Day accreditation advisors at this Columbus Day specific meeting taking place on Albany campus.... Organized by the College, this open to the general public provides a variety of health-related information and educational opportunities and children's social events at the Capital South Campus Center in Albany's South End from 12:00 to 4:00 p.m....

Studying people' s well-being is not an effortless task. Otherwise, how are we supposed to be prepared to take action at the next limit of our own personal well-being? You have a passion for sciences, healthcare, humanity as well as advancement.

Bryant & Stratton College.

Bryant & Stratton College's dedication to personalised higher learning is what distinguishes it from other colleges in the Capital District. Student have face-to-face consultants for everything from admission and funding to careerservice. The first time you talk to a Bryant & Stratton salesman, you will realize that we are a different kind of school.

The Albany Campuses offers 10 different courses of study, including business and network engineering. Pupils can plan a Monday to Saturday Campground trip at 518-437-1802 or ask a member of the Bryant & Stratton College Administration staff to get in touch with you directly.

Those seeking a healthcare reimbursement or coding carreer have the opportunity to take accredited and non-borrowing programs either through our coding certificate programme or through a mixed diploma in the university's on-line department, where they attend programs conducted through a combined on-line and face-to-face training programme.

Albany Campsite provides Bachelor of Business Administration and Medical Reimbursement and Consulting associated programmes. For more information on these programmes, please consult a Admission Board official.

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