Colleges in Upstate new York

Universities in Upstate New York

Baruch College de la City University of New York (CUNY), Gramercy Park. University of Fordham, Bronx, New York. Check out the smallest New York colleges. Albany's surroundings have a lot to do - there are great restaurants, shopping, festivals and much more. For more information about our beautiful state, visit the official New York State Tourism Site at www.


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Each university is a research institution and offers Bachelors, Masters and PhD programmes. Study and honorary programmes give you the opportunity to get in touch with well-known teachers from Germany and abroad. The University Colleges are leading in teaching and offering bachelor's and master's degree courses in the free art, science and specialist area.

Students' achievement is at the forefront, as reflected in the interaction between lecturers and employees through honorary programmes, autonomous studies, research and studies abroad. The Technology Colleges are focused on the most modern, practical education for sought-after professions. More than 300 university programmes are offered through certification programmes, associates, bachelor's and master's programmes in engineering and tradition.

Practical placements and on-the-job trainings give the student practical experiences, which are requested by the employer. A leader in higher learning - in New York State and throughout the country - fellowship colleges are responding to the literacy needs of all individuals and their respective national, state and international congregations. Most of the colleges also have accommodation on their campuses.

Smaller class sizes, flexibility in course planning and affordability of careers are the benefits for all.

New York's top universities

Included on this page is the New York University Ranking 2018 of 153 New York universities that meet the following unique Rank eligibility criteria: from all New York universities using impartial and applicable web-metrums: by: Sorting by:: 3New York UniversityNew York City .... 4University of Buffalo, State University of New YorkBuffalo...

7Fordham UniversityThe Bronx..... 8Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteTroy... 14Pace UniversityNew York City.... 21St. John's UniversityQueens.... 33Long Island University of Brooklyn.... 37New York Institute of TechnologyAltes Westbury ......... 57Touro CollegeNew York City .... 59State University of New York College à PlattsburghPlattsburgh....... 68United States Merchant Marine AcademyKings Point ..... 77Berkeley CollegeNew York City.... 85The Sage CollegesTroy.... 100Monroe CollegeBronx.... 104Houghton CollegeHoughton CollegeHoughton.......

107Bryant and Stratton CollegeBuffalo.... 119St. Joseph's CollegeBrooklyn .... 127Dowling CollegeOakdale.... 144Davis CollegeJohnson City....

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