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Small town America with a large view of the Hudson WHEN you want to leave New York City for a whole days, Cold Spring N.Y. has three basic advantages: Approximately one and a half hours by rail from the Grand Central Terminal, a trip to Cold Spring is a nice little stunt - the ideal way for New Yorkers to get home before noon.

The historic main street, which is vertical to Metro North railway terminal, is fringed with small shops that bring many buyers to the boil, and there is no shortage of them. Throughout Putnam County, the restaurant is one of the best, and the historic architectural style pays tribute to the city. It sits enthroned on a dramatic curve in the Hudson, and Main Street ends on a boardwalk right out of a Frederic Church canvas.

So what doesn't Cold Springs have? Cold-Jump first emerged as a tranquil riverside resort in the eighteenth century. Although it is claimed by popular belief that George Washington called it after sampling tap waters from a municipal source around 1780, Donald H. MacDonald, a British scholar and writer for Putnam County News and Recorder, argues that a copy of a 1772 City Assembly relates to it by its name.

The church was shut down in 1911, and it was not until 1982, when the city centre was included in the National Register of Historic Places, that Cold Spring found its latest incarnate - a wonderful, walk-in settlement with a walk. A good introductory tour of the city and its past can be found at the Putnam County Historical Society and Foundry School museum - a small, neat little school that was re-opened in July 2006 after 14 months of work.

As you exit the Musée, turn right onto Chestnut Street and look for a trail through the forest just before Route 9D. Or, from Main Street, you can step through the gateway at the end of Kemble Avenue and run along the waterside for a few mins.

Particularly nice is the still untouched brickwork bureau of 1865, which Scenic Hudson, a non-profit organisation, wants to renovate for use. Returning to Main Street, you can see houses from the 1830s on the Kemble Avenue's right. On Main Street, have your lunches at the Cold Spring Cafe before going to the stores.

However, in recent years more new shops have settled next to antique shops, and up and down Main Street there are places where you can crouch for presents that are small enough to throw in your pocket. Hudson Valley Outfitters has a range of hiking trails and hiking proposals for the discerning hiker.

In the afternoons, which will be in the shops along Main Street, you will drop off at the music pavilion directly at the Hudson. Get ready to be blinded - that's the sequence where artists keep returning to Cold Spring and pairs hang around on the bench for hour after hour.

There' s the vast West Point Army College on the other side of the stream to the south or the mighty King Mountain that rises above it. Walking along the riverbank to the southward side, you will find the Greek rebirth chapel Our Lady Restoration, built in 1833 by 16-year-old Greek arch.

Today an oecumenical hermitage, it is said to be the first Roman Catholic church in the Hudson Valley. The cold spring has little to do with the nightlife, so folks are inclined to stay over for a long evening meal with a glass of fine wines and desserts. On the other side of the road, Le Bouchon has great curried French fries ($15).

If you extend your supper for a few long sessions, it's easier to loose sight of the times when talking to the next person at the next meal or checking out the latest information about the locals. But, in many ways, the best thing Cold Spring has to provide is what you're already doing - nothing too constructively, and take the extra work.

Situated 50 leagues from Manhattan, on the east shore of the Hudson River in Putnam County, COLD Jumping ( Underground Northern Railsroad (800-638-7646; www.mta. info/mnr) operates regular train services from Grand Central Terminal on the Hudson Line (to Poughkeepsie); weekends tours cost $20. There is a specially led autumn holiday trip to Cold Springs this Saturday at 10:15 a.m. tickets ($35) must be purchased now.

Putnam County Historical Society and Foundry School museum (63 Chestnut Street; 845-265-4010; www.pchs-fsm. org) is open from Wednesday to Sunday, 11:00 to 17:00. Hudson Valley Outfitters (63 Main Street; 845-265-0221; www.hudsonvalleyoutfitters. com) can suggest walks and hiking map, and it provides kayaking trips and kayaking rental per h.

The Cold Spring Cafe (129 Main Street; 845-265-9471) has a selection of cold water wrap and sandwich ($6.75 to $9.25) and is open from 8am to 4pm on workdays and from 8am to 6pm on the weekend. In Cathryn's Tuscan Grill (91 Main Street; 845-265-5582;, the starters vary from $14 to $28. Open every morning until 22:30 The Le Bouchon café (76 Main Street; 845-265-767676) is open every morning but Tuesday lunch until 22:00. The starters are $16 to $26.

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