Cold Spring Ny Events

Cold Spring Ny Events

City Celebrations, events for all ages. Antiques Cold Spring Show and. Explore hidden attractions, cool sights and unusual things in Cold Spring, New York, from the ruins of the Cornish Estate to Mt Taurus Quarry. Explore Cold Spring, New York with the help of your friends. Forthcoming events in Putnam County - Read more:

MAGASZINO of art, opening 2017, Cold Spring, NY.

MAGASZINO of art, opening 2017, Cold Spring, NY. The Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival âOur 2015 campaign is a festival of the powers of the story-tell. In his second year with the firm, McCallum makes his directing début with the Shakespeare Romance/Comedy A Winterâs Toledo. The programme also includes five shows of An Iliad â" a modern adaptation of Homerâ??s eponymous Trojan War â " featuring the experienced HVSF actress Kurt Rhoads.

During August, young HVSF Conservatory Company perform four shows by playwright The Tempest and give the play a circus-like approach that is just right for young theatregoers. Experience with us memorable outside adventures during the Land Trust Take-A-Hike! year. Charity show on September 2.

Seasonal cards are available from our clubs for $40, which exempts the member from parking fees. The Stormville flea market is always something new and interesting with more than 600 hundred sellers from more than eight countries. The Stormville Flea Market is a great place for the shopper to come and explore everything from antiquities and collectables to handicrafts and new goods.

City Celebrations, events for all age groups has been stopped........ It' a great location for a variety of production, among them A-list musical celebrities and traveling Broadway shows. Particularly practical for those who visit the Cold Spring by rail. CENTER für Darstellende Kunst in Rheinbeck is a non-profit art organisation that provides shows and courses throughout the year.

Performers and teachers are of grassroots, domestic and foreign talents. CENTER was established in 1987 and developed from the needs of the Theaterverein Rheinbeck, a joint theatre group that needed a fixed location for rehearsals and performances. There''s a lot to see and do, among them a giant halfway party, tasty meals, matches and lives entertainments and shows like the world famous Fearless Flores Thrill Show (as seen on America's Got Talent), Lance Gifford's Magic & Illusion Show, Monkeys ridin' Dogs, a full caress park and much more!

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